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X-Men Apocalypse

A long time ago that is 3600BCE a powerful mutant named EN SAHABA NUR was hailed as GOD to be called APOCALYPSE, he ruled ancient Egypt until one day he was entombed alive by an insurrection. He is awakened in the year 1983 and feels humanity has lost its way. He now only has one motive to destroy the entire world to start a new one but the humanity which was lost. X-Men Apocalypse (2016) was released after the X-men Movie Deadpool(2016)

To develop his plan he recruits Storm (ORORO MUNROE)  one of the mutants and upgrades his powers and capabilities. In East Berlin, Mystique (RAVEN) who is a shape-shifting mutant releases Nightcrawler (KURT WANGER) from a cage and requests the black marketeer Caliban to transport Nightcrawler to America. Apocalypse now recruits Caliban’s bodyguard Psylocke and Angel and develops both of their powers as well.

Havok (ALEX SUMMER) takes his brother of professor Xavier’s institution, in the hope that Xavier can teach him to control his power of shooting optic beams. Scott Havok’s brother then meets Jean Grey the level 5 telepathic and telekinetic and they develop feelings for one other. Apocalypse powers now had started to create disturbance all around the world that’s when Xavier and Havok decide to talk to CIA operative MOIRA MACTAGGERT who was researching about apocalypse’s history and existence they then inform them about apocalypse’s history and this whereabouts. Meanwhile, Apocalypse uses his powers to destruct and rebuild.

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In Portland, a mutant named Magneto (ERIK LEHNSHERR) uses his powers to save a co-worker from an earthquake on seeing this a soldier captures him and accidentally kills his wife and daughter to take revenge slaughters his entire group. On hearing his Apocalypse takes advantage of this situation and encourages him to join his plan of destructing the world and rebuilding it as there is no humanity left. In the given circumstances Magneto too agrees to join him in his mission.

Apocalypse then tries to accomplish his plan by kidnapping Xavier to use his power. Magneto and Storm turn on to Apocalypse, and with the help Scott and fight him physically while Xavier fights him telepathically in the Astral Plane. Xavier asks Jean to carry forward all his powers putting an end to Apocalypse for good, while Psylocke runs away.

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