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X-Men 2000

Usually, the transformation of one lifeform to another takes a lot of time and is a really slow process. It also takes thousands of years too for this transformation but in every few hundred millennia, there is an abrupt change in this life form transformation resulting in the formation of “MUTANTS” which special characteristics and powers. This is the main plot of the movie. X-Men (2000) is based on Mutants Co-Existence with humans

Short Story Of X-Men 2000

In the world where both mutants and humans live with peace and co-operation. A group of mutants who wants to live with love is led by Professor Charles Xavier, he too has a special feature where he can control the thoughts and ideas of other individuals or humans and he is helped with his student Dr. Jean Grey: who has the ability of Telepathic and Telekinetic; Cyclops: who has ability of an optic blast by using his eyes; Storm: who has a special power of creating storm and lighting.

There is another set of mutants as well who are not ready to live with peace and co-operation with the human race, they are Sabretooth: who has a Sabretooth; Toad: who has a tongue of a frog; Mystique: who is a shape lifter. This group of mutants is led by Magneto who has a deep-rooted hatred for the entire human existence due to his past and has the power to create a magnetic field.

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Senator Robert Kelly who is a member of US congress member attempts to pass a “Mutation Registration Act” according to which the mutants need to come forward revealing their special features and coming forward with their identities. Magneto plans to now declare a war.

Later we come across two more mutants Rogue and Logan they are helped by Cyclops and Storm when they are attacked by Magneto. These mutants are taken to Professor Charles Xavier where he informs them about his institution, they both agree to join them.

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Magneto then kidnaps Kelly and using a device makes him a mutant. Kelly takes the help of Xavier to cure himself but this situation is worsened. Later Xavier goes into a coma because of Magneto and he tries to blast the statue of liberty with Rogue’s powers but fails.

In the end, we see Magneto goes to jail and promises Xavier for a war when he is out and he too promises him that he will always be there to stop him.

The movie was directed by Bryan Singer, the story of the movie was engaging and kept the audience on the edge of their chairs at all points. All the action scenes were executed with a lot of brilliance. I would highly recommend this movie to all.

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