World Breastfeeding week: Because it matters! 1 Aug – 7 Aug

breastfeeding week

World Breastfeeding Week: What is the purest form of relation? asked a boy to God! ‘When your mother caries you in her lap and looks into your life like there is nothing beyond you, that’s the purest and the most beautiful bond” God answered with a smile.

“Kyunki maa tujh jaisa koi nahi”

Breastfeeding, life breeding!

The bond that a mother and the child share is incomparable and that’s exactly why Breastfeeding week exists. Observed from the 1st to 7th of August this year, breastfeeding is initiated to ensure, protection, prevention, information, anchor, etc related to the Breastfeeding. Well, the nutrition present in mother’s milk is really important for both the mother and the child hence this propaganda becomes equally important.

On this special occasion would you like to know some interesting facts about breastfeeding? If yes, READ it!

  • Lose weight

It helps in burning calories faster hence breastfeeding can lead to burnout pregnancy fat at the quickest

  • The Special Bond

Sweet to say sweeter to witness, breastfeeding creates a never breakable connection between the child and the mother.

  • Nutritional factor

The first milk which the mother releases are the most valuable gift one can ever give you in your entire life. In the world full of diseases, it keeps you safe always.

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  • Relief from the Breast Cancer

On the other hand, even the mother gets equally benefited out of it. The chances of breast cancer shrink down in breastfeeding mothers.

  • Avoids Obesity in the child

Breastfed children are likely to be safe from obesity which is one of the most budding problems in the world today. See it’s that useful!

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  • Back to Basics

After giving birth, the uterus enlarges and deforms. The only solution to this is breastfeeding- it releases oxytocin which helps to bring the uterus back to shape. Interesting isn’t it?

The mother offers us a lot more than what she has and what we deserve- that’s her beauty and the reason to celebrate World Breastfeeding Week. I respect it, do you?


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