Why is PubG an Addiction? Are you the victim of PUBG?

PubG an Addiction

Right from being scared to get down at Pochinki to fighting with your squad to have great kills- that’s how the addiction of PUBG multifold. I remember installing this 1Gb heavy and the most hyped game of the year (After counterstrike and pokemon go of course) with the great influence of my friends. “It feels awesome to get a chicken dinner”, killing your opponent is quite a thrilling experience”, “Dude I feel like a sniper” and a lot more.

Quite confusing to understand it then, I now understand the addiction of these few letters “Winner winner chicken dinner”. I got the answer to my most wanted question “Why is Pubg an addiction”? Bringing the same on Your desk- here is everything that you never knew about Pub G (even after being a crown player).

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You get the best of both worlds

The world knew about technology, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence but we never thought about a game taking the shape of the most prized technology. According to the interface of the game, it starts by clubbing four random players together or you can also choose to play with your friends connected via social media. Further, you get to talk, play and win this game together- just like the way you might do while playing in the real playground (Without Pistols of course). Who wouldn’t like the best of both worlds on his side?

Updates are freaking crazy

Did you try the latest zombie mode game in Pub G. If not yet, I recommend you do it at the earliest? As scary as it sounds, it is even better to play. As a matter of fact, this isn’t the first crazy update in the game. Their constant practice an effort in upgrading the game has kept our youngsters cooked, hiked, and entertained- well! That’s fun, trust me!


Because of the number counts

Unlike counter-strike, mini militia, or GTA, pung is the game for the reals. Defining it better, you get to play with the real people, in the real-time period at the given Server location. The intensity of the fact it to hit you now but deep dive into it once- I am sure you will get your answers. And not to forget, the population of this addiction is ever-increasing- like literally. Well! I definitely guarantee you a quality tie paying.

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Progression Keeps You Hooked

Yes, you free that right. No matter how bad a player you are, you definitely get rewarded to play a bit after bt. Increasing the level of your game, added by some extra BP points- your excitement for the game never fails. And when you finally learn the headshots and perfect gunning- well! You are ready for the battle.

Adrenaline Rush is Shit Real

Are you have PUBG addiction, if you are one of those PubG lovers, I need not explain to you the adrenaline rush that goes through the win when you see the footsteps in the minimap and you just have to either “Do or do”. The concept, graphics, and execution of the game have perfectly made it a big hit. Once into the game, there is no looking back.

Investing your time into reading this bog clearly proves your increasing level of addiction or interest in the game. Just a little advice for you “Mini14 is better than SLR”- just saying.

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