What to do When you Don’t Know a Language!! 5 Tips

language problem

Planning for a foreign trip? Going on a business trip? Yet skeptical about the language of the foreign country? Well, it’s the most common feat to face when you plan a trip to a completely new location, a new country or a new setting altogether. Worrying about handling things independently with such a communication barrier is a task and we totally understand that. What to do when you don’t know the language, Here come’s your easy escape- we bring you the 5 golden rules of communication that can be used. Keep reading to find out more!

Research Your Location well!

In the recent era, the internet is the king. No matter what you do or where you go, the first thing that you should keep in mind is- google it! With the plethora of information available online, half of the work will automatically be sorted. Confused? Well1 there are millions of people who must have visited your location already- the best you can do is, read their experience (yes people do upload it). Read about the places they have visited or suggested and try to get the gist of the fact- how did they manage without knowing the language of the place. This will serve a great help to you and will also give you the confidence of exploring the places without even knowing it physically.

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Learn the Basics

It is quite obvious, you can’t just mug up the language before visiting the place but the least you can do is- 5try to learn the basics. Words like ok, thank you, please, what is your name, where is the way, bye, good night, etc. can serve a great purpose o yo0u. At least the local crowd will consider you in certain situations and you will be able to get through. For example, with such basic words, you will be able to interact in your booked hotel and won’t find it a difficulty to converse for your basic utilities- fair deal?

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Apply the “point and shrug” Formula

Your body gestures speak a lot about your words- without even saying it. If no formula works in a certain situation better opt for body gestures. For example, you can simply point at the dish in the menu to the waiter if you can’t explain to him with your words- at least you won’t come back with an empty stomach. Forget the basics, to the least, your body gestures can help you approve or deny things if you can convey yes or no through your gestures- trust me, it may sound stupid but works in most of the situations.

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Don’t let your smile fade

The best you can do is, be friendly to the people around and don’t let your smile fade away. The better you are with the people around you, the best they will treat you. No matter what place you go or the type of people you meet- keep your behavior friendly, natural and open. Doing this, you won’t just feel good but the people around you will make efforts to help you out if you get stuck somewhere.

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Remember- English is a Universal Language!

No matter if it’s east, west, north, or south- the English cheat sheet works well in all the p[laces (until and unless it’s not China- just saying). If the people don’t around you fail to understand any language or gesture, you can try speaking broken English or try the extract of the sentence with a few English words. As a proven fact, even if they don’t it completely, they will at least get to know what are you saying or what do you want- simple as that.

So this is our cheat sheet of coping at an unknown location with a foreign language- how about you? Let us know in the comment section below and keep following Hub4Trendies.com!


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