How to Impress Girls? What Do Girls Really Like in Boys?

girls like in boys

“Bhai wo toh maal hai”. That’s what you keep talking about her right? Well, let me tell “wo ghanta teri nahi hogi until you discover these 8 things that girls like in boys. Read it and you might get lucky (One day) to impress girls.

The way you smell

The way you smell

It’s literally your fragrance that attracts girls towards you (although deodorant advertisements exaggerate it). The way you smell leaves a long-lasting impact on the girl by you. After all, why will she be interested in smelling the dirty mess of your armpits?

Muscular Guy

muscular guy

Muscles are not enough to impress a girl. It is only good to create your first appearance. After your first impression, there is so much you have to worry about.

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Don’t ask for her number in the first go

In the world full of social apps, who ask for her number?? Well! Jokes apart, make sure you don’t dig into her for her number in the first meeting itself. Let her discover her interest in you and she will eventually start talking to you. No need to make a fool of yourself- like literally

Your chivalry

Your chivalry

“Chivalry mard ka gehna hai”! I know I am too bad at PJ’s but trust me I just spoke the truth. The more chivalrous are you, chances are you can attract girls better!

Disclaimer: You need to understand her definition of chivalry because she might not like you opening the door for her- quite feminist you see.

Humour- Cut the cease!

This is one major factor that literally attracts girls (I fell prey to the same trap). The way you talk and reply with your humor and wit is one major turn on and no matter what mood she is in- she is gonna like you.

Disclaimer: Don’t turn anything into non-veg humor.

Brave and independent

Because Mummy’s boy is an old school thing. Well! A girl really admire brave and independent guy- the definition of brave is clearly not the one who fights with villains in the movie- Brave in terms of taking decisions, dealing with the shit of life and acting sane in the situations, you see!

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The perfect Jawline


Though it depends on the girl to girl, most of them really drool over your jawline. It depicts perfection in you and the sense of sensitivity- in short, you look more man-like.

Some inmate Talent

I know that sounds weird but girls really love guys who have some talent to show to her. Maybe dancing, playing s=guitar or singing- it kind of attracts her (Mind you lingering over her with a full-speed bike is not a talent)

Are you ready to impress girls you like? I am sure this will set out some help for you. All the best!!


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