Watch X2: X-Men 2 (2003) in Dual Audio 1080p HD

X-Men 2

X-Men 2 is the sequence to the movie X-Men which was released in 2000. A brainwashed mutant called “Nightcrawler” tries to assassinate the President of The United States at the white house but before he could carry forward this plan he is shot and couldn’t execute this plan. On the other side the Wolverine (Logan) was figuring out his past but unfortunately finds nothing. Jean struggles to concentrate as her powers are really difficult to handle and control. Logan returns to the professor and the professor tracks the Nightcrawler.

Short Story Of X-Men 2

Storm and Cyclops the other mutant go to the jail to meet Magneto and informs him about the attack. The military Colonel Stryker approaches the President to permit him to investigate Xavier’s mansion to check his ties with the other mutants. Colossus takes the other mutants to a safe place where Logan is already present.

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During the attack, Stryker calls Logan by his name. Mystique, Magneto’s partner tries to save him from the jail and they successfully escape from the jail. Now when Stryker attacks Xavier’s school all the mutants present there escapes to Boston where they meet Magneto.

Magneto informs them about Stryker’s has already built Celebro 2 and wants to kill all the mutants present by using Xavier’s energy which he obviously won’t agree to but Stryker will use his son’s power to brainwash Xavier and use him to destroy all the mutants.

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So here all the mutants join hands to fight Stryker to save all the mutants kind.  The plot of the movie goes on with a lot of interesting revelations and like X-Men, this movie keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. The director Bryan Singer never fails to surprise us.

X-Men 2 received a lot of positive responses for their storyline, direction, acting and action sequences. It gained a lot of popularity because it was a continuation of the movie X-Men which was released in 2000. It is a highly recommended movie for all action movie lovers.

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