X-Men origins : Download Wolverine Movie (2009) Dual Audio in HD

X-Men origins Wolverine

The X-Men Origins Wolverine is a popular 2009 superhero film that has been based on the Marvel Comics fictional character The wolverine. It is the fourth installment of the X-Men film series and is the first movie of the standalone Wolverine movie trilogy. In this movie, Wolverines’ childhood friend James Howlett, his early encounters with Major William Stryker, his time with Team X and the bonding of skeleton with the indestructible adamantium during the Weapon X program has been portrayed. Wolverine Movie

Short Story Of Wolverine Movie X-Men: origins

In 1845, James Howlett witnesses his father being killed by the groundskeeper per Thomas Logan. Intense anxiety activates his mutation, bone claws come out from is knuckles and impales Thomas later reveals that he is James’s birth father.  James spends the next century with half brother Victor Creed as soldiers fighting in the American Civil wars.

In Vietnam Victor commits a serious crime and James tries to defend. As a result, they are put in front of the firing squad but they survived due to the mutant healing abilities.  Major William Stryker approaches them in custody and offers membership in team X a group of mutants. They join the team for a few years with James using the name Logan but as Victor and the group lack sympathy for human life Logan left.

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6 years later Stryker and Zero approach Logan in Canada reporting that Wade and Bradley have been killed and someone is targeting the whole team. Logan at first refuses to join Striker but after finding his girlfriend’s bloody body in the woods he realizes that Victor is behind this. Stryker later explains that Victor has gone rogue and offers Logan a way to become more powerful by undergoing a painful operation to reinforce his whole skeleton with Adamantium virtually in the acceptable metal. Striker orders that Logan’s memory be erased but he overhears them and escapes to a nearby farm where Zero comes and kills the couple who took care of Logan and also tries to kill Logan but he takes him down.

Logan relocates John and Fred at a boxing club who explains that striker is working with Victor hunting down The other mutants to experiment in his new laboratory. The striker also Denies Victor the Adamantium bonding promised for his Service. While Logan and Victor Fight weapon XI, Kayla Logan’s girlfriend who is mortally wounded while leading the mutants to Xavier’s.

After killing weapon 11, Striker comes and shoots Logan down unconscious, but before he can shoot Kayla she uses her own Mutant power to persuade him to turn around and walk away from the spot until his feet blood and then she succumbs to her injuries.

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