Watch Wolverine (2013) in X-Men Dual Audio Movie in 1080p HD

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Wolverine has been one of the most iconic characters of the X-Men universe from the very first. The Wolverine 2013 is set in modern-day Japan, where Wolverine, a character which is played by Hugh Jackman, comes to meet one of his oldest friends whose lives he has saved several years ago. But this visit, gets him entangled between a conspiracy which involves mutants. Watch Wolverine (2013) in X-Men Dual Audio Movie in 1080p HD

The storyline for Watching Wolverine 2013

This movie shows Wolverine living as a hermit in Yukon who has left his mutant life in the past. He is shown being tormented by the hallucinations of Jean Grey. Jean Grey was the woman he loved whom he was forced to kill along with the X-Men to save the world.

A Japanese girl comes to meet him who is the granddaughter of a man Wolverine saved from a Japanese POW camp near Nagasaki. The girl comes to visit Wolverine and to tell him that the man he saved is dying and wants to see Wolverine one last time before he dies. When he finally goes to meet this man, the man offers to take Wolverine’s immortality away and to make him mortal. But he denies this offer immediately. The man Wolverine saved dies soon after.

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Wolverine attends his funeral and there some mysterious men try to kidnap the granddaughter. Wolverines save her from the attackers. But when they shoot him, Logan or Wolverine does not heal. But they fail to understand why.

They continue to go to a place where the girl feels safe from her attackers. But the attackers keep finding Wolverine and the girl. Then the doctor contacts a Samurai who has pledged to protect the girl to bring her Wolverine and the girl. Logan keeps on protecting the girl alongside trying to find out what happened to his healing abilities and immortality.

Basic Theme

The much-awaited Wolverine movie is based on the life of Wolverine after he leaves the X-Men for good since the killing of Jean Grey which he had to do himself. The movies revolve around the struggle that Wolverine does through after killing Jean, the woman he loved, to save the world from destruction. It also shows the good things he did, how he needs to get through various enemies to save himself and the granddaughter of the man he saved and how he overcame his grief about Jean’s death and evolved into a better person.

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