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Stranger Things is currently on Netflix. All eight episodes are uploaded now on season one. It tells the story of a young boy Will, who disappears. His mother, a Police chief and his group of friends who are investigating his disappearance figure out that some strange otherworldly forces might be behind Will’s disappearance. Read Review & Download Stranger Things Season 1 now in HD


If you are well versed in cinema or literature of the 1980s then it’s very clear that it is inspired by Stephen King’s early novels and Steven Spielberg’s early films. If you are a fan of these things then it will definitely be a plus for you. We loved this style of the show. It seems like a movie that Spielberg would have directed and Stephen King would have written the screenplay for.

In the long run, though you realize that style can only get you so far in terms of emotional investment, and this show has got to have some substance and weight behind it that would want us to care and watch more – and it does!

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The main hook of the show is the disappearance of this boy and the mother searching for him – played very well by Winona Ryder we might add. Police chief played by David Harbour, who slowly gets more obsessed with various possibilities as he investigates this boy’s disappearance with a local government agency that just might be involved in the disappearance, is particularly interesting. The downward spiral of David’s character is one of the major hooks as well.

Also fantastic are the three kids who are searching for their best friend. These kids were absolute gold. They are funny and likable, and the best part is that these characters actually talk like kids. One of the major pitfalls regarding child actors and child characters is that adults are writing their dialogues and sometimes it is hard for an adult to get inside the mind of a child but in this show, it is wonderfully done.

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Also, the older brother of Will, played by Charlie Heaton is excellent because he has a very reserved character. His character is a loner – someone people look down upon. And he finds himself constantly explaining his actions to other people.

The characters are written in such a way that you root for them and you want them to be proven right. And the best of them all is the character named ‘Eleven’. She is a young girl with her head shaved bald. She doesn’t speak much and clearly, has a very damaged past. We learn through flashbacks that experiments were done to her in the past. She also possesses telekinesis and is easily one of the most intriguing characters in the show. This is an adult performance squeezed into a little girl’s body. She’s so real and there was never a time that she broke character. She is so damn good in this show; we’d say her performance is Emmy worthy.

Our one major problem with the show is that it indulges in paying homage so much, it seems to lack originality. A lot of scenes from the show seem to be exact copies of scenes from E.T. and Carrie and Fire Starter. It is a difficult tightrope, we understand, and the show mostly succeeds.

The season concludes really well, leaving you with an urge to get on with season two. All that being said, we really loved watching stranger things and you would too

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