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The story revolves around the lives of four sixteen-year-old teenagers discovering the problems of adult life. Someone wants to lose their virginity, someone wants to find their perfect mate, someone is just enjoying life and someone is uncertain about their future. Read Review & Watch Sixteen 2013 Hindi Movie Download


The movie features Wamiqa Gabbi as Tanisha, Izabelle Leite as Anu, Keith Sequeira as Vikram, Mehak Manwani as Nidhi, Rohan Mehra as Kartik, Highphill Mathew as Ashwin, Zakir Husain as Ravishankar, Sumit Bhardwaj as Sameer, and Prabhleen Sandhu as Deepti among others.



Directed by Raj Purohit, Sixteen is one of a kind movie. The movie didn’t make it big on the box office, but it was successful in garnering a cult following of its own. The movie deals with some very sensitive subjects such in a very liberal manner and can be an eye-opener for many teenagers and adults.

Sixteen has a really great plot, and to be honest, that is probably the only great thing about the movie. The movie fails miserably in all other departments. The script of the movie is really great, but unless you’re specifically looking for it, you’ll miss out on the subtleties the writer has incorporated in it. Not one actor in the movie delivers a realistic performance. They’re more like programmed robots saying whatever they’ve been told to. There is no emotion whatsoever to be seen.

However, even with its flaws, Sixteen is a really interesting movie. It shows life from the point of view of teenagers to whom, the lines between right and wrong aren’t that clear. They are curious by nature and if their curiosity is not satiated at home, they go out looking for the answer themselves and end up in some pretty big troubles.

What was really annoying was that there is little to no character development in the film, and not for the lack of trying. Some of the things those characters do seem really unnecessary, especially given the fact that the movie was made for Indian audiences. It seems the kind of story that Sixteen follows would have been more suitable in a Western setting.

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The ending of the movie also appears to be unrealistic. After the events that transpired in the movie and especially towards the end, no would have predicted the movie would end the way it did.

That being said, the movie still is a great attempt to present the point of view of a neglected section of the society, and it does a reasonably good job. Maybe if the casting choices were a little bit better, the movie would also have performed a lot better than it did. Watching this movie was a strange experience, it felt good, bad, and at times, intensely hilarious. Anyway, it’s definitely a must-watch for those who like off-the-hook movies.

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