5 Reasons To Watch Knives Out This Weekend || Read Review

Knives Out

A good murder mystery is kind of rare these days. If you get an opportunity to watch one, you should not really miss out on that. Knives Out are one such movie that should definitely be in your hit list.

Moving on, the movie “Knives Out” features Daniel Craig as ‘whodunnit’. Other actors with a remarkable presence in the movie include Chris Evans and Ana de Armas. The movie has a sane plot to offer, ranging from serious to laughter and emotions to suspense.

Here’s a list of reasons that makes Knives Out a must watch

The ‘whodunnit’ in the real sense

The movie delivers as promised. It is a great unexpected murder mystery that you are sure to love. It has all the elements of a real mystery story such as rich asshole murdered, characters in suspects who are not actually the murderer, a mysterious detective, etc.

An Unlike CaptainAmerica Character

Who would have thought Chris Evans switching to rich asshole trust fund brat right after being known as “The Steve Roger”? This angle makes the movie altogether more worthy of being watched.

P.S special credits to Chris Evans acting skills!

The Richie Rich Combination

Everybody in the movie is a part of the one family called Thrombeys (single source of income for the millionaires). When Harlan Thrombey dies after his 85th birthday, we could actually see the rich, millionaires, privileged assholes losing their wealth and becoming the suspect of the murder. Hence the story turns upside down.

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Daniel Craig’s accent- He Is The James Bond From The South!

You must have heard his accent in the trailer as well! Right? (If not you can watch the trailer here). Seeing him in the theatre and hear him speak in his own South Indian-British accent was fun to watch. There was a very important speech in the movie and Daniel with his incredible accent made it altogether 100 times better. Go see yourself!

Great Cast for a Big Hit

Rather than putting out the real names, let us just talk about the incredible characters they played in the movie. Here it is:

  • Useless son
  • Freeloaded daughter-in-law
  • Rich trust-fund brat
  • Liberal left-wing activist granddaughter
  • Nazi troll

Hence, altogether a ‘so not’ dysfunctional family. Would that not interest you to watch this movie today?

PS: Katherine Langford’s lack of acting skills has nothing to do with the spoiling of this movie (remember her deleted scene right out of Avengers: end game? That explains it all)

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