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The series Game of Thrones takes place on a fantasy counterpart of Earth. The basic difference between the fictional world and our own is that the seasons are unpredictable and each season can last for years and magic exists in the fictional world. Even though it is weakening over time and now has been largely forced to the outskirts of both geography and Society. Watch Game of Thrones All Seasons

SeasonFirst airedNovel(s) adapted
Season 1April 17, 2011A Game of Thrones
Season 2April 1, 2012A Clash of Kings and some early chapters from A Storm of Swords
Season 3March 31, 2013About the first two-thirds of A Storm of Swords
Season 4April 6, 2014The remaining one-third of A Storm of Swords and some elements from A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons
Season 5April 12, 2015A Feast for Crows, A Dance with Dragons and original content, with some late chapters from A Storm of Swords and elements from The Winds of Winter
Season 6April 24, 2016Original content and outline from The Winds of Winter, with some late elements from A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragons
Season 7July 16, 2017Original content and outline from The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring
Season 8April 14, 2019Original content and outline from The Winds of Winter and A Dream of Spring

Briefing on Game Of Thrones

Most of the action takes place on the continent called Westeros which is roughly similar to medieval Europe in terms of technology, culture, and Society. The continent over a long time was divided into kingdoms each ruled by a family of nobles. 300 years before the events of the novel, The Targaryens who were a noble family from a neighboring continent and apparently who were the last people of the earth who could hatch, raise and tame dragons invaded the continent of Westeros. With their power of controlling the dragons and their skill at forming alliances and exploiting the divisions in Westeros, the Targaryens easily and quickly conquered most of the continent.

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Over time, the dragons raised by the Targaryens became smaller and weaker. It is unknown but the last dragon died out suddenly a century before the events of the novel. the king manages to hold on to the power for a time without the dragons but finally, 15 years before the events in the novel, a Targaryen king named Aerys completely got mad and angered all the noble houses and a number of them who had allied against him and thereby managed to overthrow the monarchy. The rebel leader Robert was installed as the new king. Only 2 Targaryens survived the war, his 8-year-old son Viserys and daughter Daenerys. Thru were secretly smuggled out of Westeros and they spend the whole life in the neighboring content of Essos.

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Now there is a critical backdrop to all of this. The northernmost kingdom which is often referred to as the North terminated in a massive 700-foot high wall that stretches from one coast to another. Behind the wall is a rough and cold land which is not subjected to any laws or any government. Ancient legends say that thousand of years ago, the white walkers used to stay in the northern Land bringing winter, cold and death with them and had nearly wiped out the human race until they were driven back to that place by the word heroes who then erected a wall to keep them from coming back.

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The wall is authorized and managed by an order known as the Nights Watch and the entry to this order is only open to all the men whether be it a nobleman or a common person but the men who join the order have to swear an oath to serve for life, forsake marriage and the children as well as their titles, inheritance and other claims which were not included in the Watch section.

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The Watch was considered to be one of the noblest and honorable callings, but with time lesser and lesser people believed in the legend of the White Walkers. For many years The Watch has guarded the kingdom only from the other human beings who used the life to the north of the wall who claimed themselves to be the Free folks but were called wildings and they often Crossed the wall to steal, kill or ride. As a result of this, only the north took the watch seriously but for the other kingdoms, it was considered to be a dumping ground for all the criminals.

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The entire plot of the whole series can be summarised as human beings fighting for power and position. Summer has lasted for almost a decade, bringing peace, prosperity and is but as winter is approaching the dark days are coming. King Robert is trying to protect his throne while his traditional enemies most of his allies and even his family are plotting and scheming against him for greater control and power.

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At the same time, the remaining Targaryen children have grown old enough to dream of going back to the Westeros and restoring the dynasty and kingdom if only they can find a way to do it. But against all of these, strange things are happening in the north and some are suspecting that the white walkers are returning. But as much as the humans might fight for position, a force that threatens them all is gathering and growing and power.


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