Deadpool (2016) Dual Audio Hindi Medium Movie 1080p

Deadpool (2016)

This movie is a story about revenge and pain. It revolves around a soldier(Deadpool) who gets experimented on by a doctor. This experiment makes this soldier ugly as well as immortal. Due to this experiment, the life of the soldier turns upside down and sets out on a path to hunt down this doctor who ruined both his life and his looks. This is an origin story about a mercenary known as Wade Wilson.


The story of this movie revolves around a dishonorably charged special forces personnel who is working as a mercenary known as Wade Wilson. He then meets a prostitute named Vanessa and they fall in love and get married. Soon after, Wilson was diagnosed with terminal cancer that will end his life. Due to this diagnosis, he leaves Vanessa without a warning to spare her the sadness and grief that will come with his death.

After a while he left Vanessa, things seemed to be pretty bleak until he met a doctor who promised him to cure his cancer. But he also tells Wilson that this cure will come with various superhero powers and strength. At first, Wilson fails to believe this doctor and initially turns down his offer. But after careful consideration, he agrees and meets this doctor behind the project, Ajax.

While he was in the process of the cure, Wilson learns that this process will turn him into a mutant and he will have to undergo various tests to confirm his special mutant abilities. Soon, Wilson learns that Ajax is a sadist. The treatment takes place and gives Wilson the power of fast-healing but also ends up disfiguring him. Ajax tries to keep Wilson as his prisoner after the mutation but Wilson manages to escape from his grip.

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Upon escaping, Wilson makes finding Vanessa and making Ajax pay for what he did to him and his life two of the greatest motives of his life. And he takes up the name Deadpool. But killing Ajax for what he did may not be as easy for him since Ajax is a mutant as well.

Basic Theme of Deadpool

This is a story about a normal mercenary whose fate changes when he is being diagnosed with terminal cancer that will end his life. This is a story about revenge and how a normal soldier becomes a person with amazing strength and amazing abilities. And how he overcomes the problems in his life.

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