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Breaking Bad tells the story of Walter White, an overqualified high school Chemistry teacher, who is diagnosed with terminal lung cancer. In a desperate attempt to ensure his family would be taken care of financially and to pay off his own medical treatment, he teams up with the former student and current junkie, Jessie Pinkman and uses his knowledge of Chemistry to produce crystal meth. Download Netflix Breaking Bad All Seasons

Reviewing Breaking Bad is tough. There is an incredible consensus on how good the show is. You have tons of people saying it is their absolute favorite show and then you have this huge army of fans saying it is the greatest show ever made. Unfortunately, Breaking Bad attracts my two least favorite type of TV fans – the ones who get offended if you do not like the show, and the ones who just don’t like it because there are so many people who do like it. It is okay to not like something but it is stupid to pretend to not like something because not liking it is cool.

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Basic Story

So at its core, Breaking Bad is a transitional story. It tells how episode one Walter White went through a process of degeneration and decay and became the finale, Walter White. So from season to season, we see Walter getting worse, not just from the Cancer but also from the somewhat decent human being he once was. Because Walter is the center of the show, as he becomes darker with every episode, so does the show. Each season feels heavier and darker than the last.

I did feel the show got better from season to season. Not the story itself, but it seems the showrunners got better at storytelling. I don’t want to take too much of your time singing praises of the show, because you’ve heard probably heard it by now. So here’s the summary of why I loved the show.

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First of all, it is fascinating watching Walter and Jessie tread this fine line for doing it for the money and doing it for the more complicated self-narcissistic reasons. Watching how getting into this affected all the relationships in these characters’ lives. All of that was incredibly gripping.

The performances in the show were some of the best I’ve ever seen. Bryan Cranston is not in this show for a second; it is Walter White and nothing else. The same goes for Aaron Paul. And the dynamics and ‘chemistry’ between them is amazing. Jessie is one of my favorite characters in the show. He is the exact opposite of Walter.

He lives his life like a bad guy; he is a drug dealer and an addict, but somewhere deep down he is actually a good person, or at least a part of him is. That part of him tries to get out and do the right thing every now and then, whereas Walter becomes this destructive force. He uses Jessie relentlessly but also cares about him at the same time.

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Walter also goes through this strange process of wish fulfillment because from day one he lies to himself about his true motives for doing these things. And the transition he goes through is fascinating. Walter’s wife Skyler is one of the most hated characters in the show, which is ironic because she is one of the very few reasonable people in the show. We understand her reactions to some of the things but we hate her. It really shows what an amazing job the writers, directors and Anna Gunn did. How the show looks, how they give you hints about what’s coming next, the writing, the way they were able to create these iconic moments is just awesome.

I do feel Breaking Bad deserves this amazing status that it has, but I do think there is a reason Breaking Bad got that status and other equally amazing shows didn’t. And that reason is SCOPE CREEP. In the tech world, when you have a product that does something or gives you a service of some kind and then whoever made that product decides to add a lot of things to appease people. The end result is that the product isn’t good at one thing but mediocre at a lot of things. This is called SCOPE CREEP. A lot of shows do this where they keep making season after season, forgetting what it was that made them great in the first place. Breaking Bad doesn’t walk this path. You get five seasons and the story ends, and it is so damn satisfying. That is why we remember it as a whole as such a great show because they knew exactly when to end it.


Was every episode amazing? No. I do remember a string of episodes where nothing important happens. I personally was on the camp of people who hate that episode with the fly. But I still think the show is amazing.

The bottom line, should you watch it? If you haven’t yet, I would definitely recommend it, even if the beginning is kind of hard to get through. I myself watched the first few episodes, left it for six months and then binge-watched the remaining show. The show may not be as great as everyone hypes it to be, but you should definitely give it a shot and decide for yourself.

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Watch Season 1

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Watch Season 3

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Watch Season 4

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Watch Season 5

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