Watch Batman Begins (2005): The Classic Of The Superhero Genre

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When Christopher Nolan has taken on the responsibility to make a film on Batman, you can finally breathe a sigh of relief because he got Batman right! Besides the animated version of this superhero, there was never a good movie about him where his origin is properly explored. This changed the movie industry altogether, not just as any other superhero movie but as a movie itself. This may be the fifth Batman movie there is, but Watch Batman Begins is the first one to get it right.


Nolan’s adaptation on Batman finally gave us a movie where you care about the character Bruce Wayne as much as you care about Batman. This happened because of the beautiful storytelling that captured all the important aspects of his upbringing, starting from the beautiful relationship.

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He shares with his parents to their untimely death, the relationship he shared with Alfred and how close they grew after Bruce lost his parents and also the companionship he found in Rachel. This resulted in the audience appreciating and wanting to know more about the person behind the mask which has never been dealt with such care before.

Batman movie adaptations in the past have always been blessed with awesome background scores, this one was no different.

Wayne, when he is training in the mountains with Liam Neeson or the moments where he is training to be a ninja is sensational. Other noteworthy mentions are his return to Gotham where he finally reveals himself to Falcone, the ecstatic shot where the camera pans out as Batman stands on top of the building, the combination of people coming together, in the end, to fight together as a team was breathtaking.

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Storyline: FEAR

The main theme of a Batman movie is “Fear” and how different his views are from the ones around him. However, you can’t straight away push this movie under the category of dark superhero movies because it does have a few funny elements placed in the correct moments that won’t affect the rhythm of the movie.

It is very hard to pick out any error or low point in the entire movie as they have got the character so right that the movie ends up being flawless. You might pinpoint few edits here and there but those are something that one would hardly notice.

The line that stays back with you even after so many years: “I WON’T KILL YOU, BUT I DON’T HAVE TO SAVE YOU.” Goosebumps!

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