Things To Remember While Your Visit USA | Do’s and Don’ts

USA Do's and Don’ts

If you plan a visit to the USA, there is some important information that can avoid small and big annoyances during your vacation. In any case, we strongly recommend that you attend private English lessons before you leave – knowing the language will allow you to get by without problems in any situation.

Things you should do In USA

Credit card

Americans use a credit card for any type of payment: not just large purchases but also a simple sandwich. This may be an unusual habit for you, but it is important to know.

Health insurance

American health care really costs a fortune. Even a trivial toothache in America would risk costing you like a small mortgage. For this, it is essential to run for cover by paying insurance before leaving.


Not everyone knows that in the USA it is polite to leave a tip of 15% of the cost to the waiter unless it is a large fast-food chain. Not leaving a tip is a sign that the service was really bad. Furthermore, the tip is a widespread custom not only for restaurants but also for taxi rides.

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If you have to visit the USA, remember that the simple passport is not enough, you will also need the Establishment, a procedure to fill out online that certifies your eligibility to enter the United States. The Establishment allows you to stay in the United States for up to 90 days and is valid for 2 years.

You must not do these

Do not assume that the United States is exactly as it is portrayed in American films and series. Leave your stereotypes and preconceived ideas at the airport. American movies and TV shows do not accurately represent the country. After Russia and Canada, the USA is the third-largest country in the world with most mix cultures. So, never underestimate their diversity.

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Don’t overbook your visit to the USA. If you only have two or three weeks in the United States, don’t try to hit all the major attractions in the country. It is not possible, and you will wear yourself out to try. Don’t settle for bad food. There is incredible food in the United States, you just have to look for it. Don’t count on speaking any language besides English. Most Americans only speak English and expect you to do the same. Don’t invade people’s personal space. The comfortable conversation distance in the United States is about an arm’s length.

Don’t stress about clothes. Outside the big cities on the east coast, the United States is a very informal country. You will see people in training clothes, sweat, and sneakers everywhere. Don’t be disrespectful to the police. You are not going to break the law while you are in the United States, but you may still need to deal with the police. Don’t expect cleaning staff to clean up after you. Always try to clean up after you. Throwing things on the street is illegal and you may have to pay a large fine if you get caught.


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