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Top universities in the USA

If you decide to get a higher education in the USA, deciding on a university can be difficult – the choice of educational institutions is really huge. The 150 best American universities and colleges represent almost all states and are located in 128 cities. The largest number of universities included in this ranking is based on the states of California and New York – 12 universities, followed by Texas and Massachusetts with nine universities. Top Universities in the USA that are well known for their opportunities in higher education are concentrated here.

List of Top Universities In USA

California Institute of Technology – (Cal-Tech)

California Institute of Technology_1

California Institute of Technology – one of the leaders in the total number of students rightly proud of a significant number of successful graduates. Among them there are 34 Nobel Prize winners, six Turing Prize winners, five awarded the Fields Medal and a number of national award winners. In addition to various prize winners and leading researchers, the Cal-Tech Alumni Club also includes a number of politicians and public figures, especially in the fields of science, technology, and energy.

The university has the highest proportion of students who continue their studies in graduate school. This fact is often played out by modern authors and directors – for example, all the main characters of the first plan of the television series “The Big Bang Theory” are students or teachers of Cal Tech. That’s why it’s in the top of the list of top universities in the USA

Stanford University

Stanford University_2

Stanford University, situated near Palo Alto or the Silicon Valley, had a significant impact on the development of several world-class high-tech industries in the location. Many university students and graduates have become founders of successful companies that include Google, Hewlett-Packard, and Snap-chat. In total, companies founded by Stanford alumni earn $ 2.7 trillion each year.

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Unofficially, the university is sometimes called the “Farm,” since the campus was built on the site of the Stanford family of Palo Alto livestock farms. The complex of buildings occupies 8,180 acres of land, more than 50% of which have not yet been developed.  The characteristic sand-colored buildings with red roofs make the Stanford campus one of the most recognizable in the world. Of the 16,000 students, most of whom live on campus, the share of foreign students is 22%.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology – (MIT)

Massachusetts Institute of Technology_1

The long-standing competitor of the California Institute of Technology – The Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 2017 took the leading line in the ranking and is rightfully one of the most prestigious universities in the world. Being the largest research center in the field of exact sciences and technologies, MIT also develops entrepreneurial qualities that allow graduates to create such well-known companies as Intel and Dropbox. It is interesting that both bachelor’s and graduate students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology can choose any course at any level of study.

The largest national competition for the undergraduate program at MIT is only 8 percent of applicants. The most popular among students are engineering and computer technology. The total number of students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is 11,000, one third are foreign students from 154 countries. The leading areas of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology are engineering sciences and technologies, physics, and also subjects of a natural science cycle. 

Harvard University

Harvard University_1

Harvard University is probably the most recognizable university in the world, which has been ranked first for many years. Founded in 1636 and is the oldest institution of higher education in the United States. Now 20,000 students are studying here, a quarter of whom are foreigners. The cost of training is high, but the Harvard Foundation provides financial assistance to students if necessary. The Harvard Library System consists of 79 different libraries and is considered the largest academic library in the world.

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Among the famous Harvard graduates, there are 8 US presidents, one and a half hundred Nobel Prize winners, 13 Turing Prize winners, and 62 current billionaires. Harvard is one of the few universities that have an equally impeccable reputation both in the field of teaching art and the humanities, as well as in the field of teaching science and technology.

Princeton University

Princeton University_1

Like Harvard, Princeton University is a prestigious university with a rich 200-year history, part of the Ivy League. The total number of students at this university is 8,000. At that, a quarter of them is foreigners. The University of New Jersey campuses are located near New York and Philadelphia. Travel time from these cities is no more than an hour. The entry process is complex and lengthy.

Princeton does not make quick decisions on applications for study which is unusual for most US universities. A strict requirement for students is to conduct independent research within the framework of their specialty. Known Princeton alumni include 40 Nobel laureates, two US presidents, as well as astronauts, businessmen, Olympic champions and numerous international prize winners. University graduate students were mathematicians, John Nash and Alan Turing.

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