Top 5 Social Media Websites, Users, Earning & Worth Unbelievable

top social media sites

Social media is that controlling energy in the modern world that can influence minds, grab hold of more business, boost sales or fabricate and structure a business or a brand.

We often fall prey to spending endless hours on Facebook and Twitter, few of the many, pulling all-nighters for no reason. That is the impact social media has on our lives. However, they have also proven to be one of the best podiums for marketing. In this article, we have listed down the top 5 social media websites that have captured the market enormously.

Here are Top Social Media Websites are:


Facebook is hands down the leading social networking site currently. Over 1.5 million small or medium scaled businesses handle their marketing and advertising using this platform. What makes it popular is its massive community that eventually helps you connect to anyone, anywhere possible. It also provides you with an integrated messenger facility. The not only a person it brings close interesting pages and groups.
Founded On: 4 February 2004
Active Users: 2.3 billion monthly (December 2018)
Employees: 39,651 (June 30, 2019)
Alexa Rank: 3
Worth: $138.3 billion


Twitter comes close second to Facebook on the list of the most used social networking app. It has currently over 126 million users. Twitter has dramatically altered the face of social media. It is a microblogging network with its limited messaging system for public use. Twitter although functioning like Facebook at the moment, is much easy to use. You receive updates from some of the major brands and also get to integrate with third party provisions.
Founded On: March 21, 2006
Active Users: 321 million (February 2019)
Employees: 3,900 (2018)
Alexa Rank: 12
Worth: $4.4 billion


Linkedin was introduced with the aim of building professional engagement and networks with other verified users. It holds the top rank when it comes to the field of professional networking. Currently, it has more than 500 million users. It is a social networking site for professionals. It helps in advancing an individual’s career.
Founded On: December 28, 2002
Active Users: 630 million members (June 2019)
Employees: 14,000
Alexa Rank: 23
Worth: $26 Billion

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After Google, YouTube has become the second biggest search engine. Though it is owned by Google, it has managed to maintain its identity as one of the leading social network, a platform to watch videos online on any topic and also allows you to upload your own. From movies and music videos to independent films and personal vlogs, it has so much to offer. It has even come up with a subscription which eliminates all the advertisement and saves your time called YouTube Red.
Founded On: February 14, 2005
Active Users: 1 billion
Employees: 3000
Alexa Rank: 2
Worth: $40 billion


Instagram is undoubtedly the most engaging social networking site right after Facebook with almost a billion users every month. It is more interesting in comparison with other social networking sites. Its filtering feature on the pictures is one of the main attractions. People generally use it to monitor other’s lives. It has become one podium where people share short videos and their pictures frequently. Currently, small as well as big businesses conduct their business through this platform. Many famous brands use it for their advertising. Influencers with millions of followers also get to make some money through this network.
Founded On: October 6, 2010
Active Users: 1 billion
Employees: 13
Alexa Rank: 21
Worth: $100 billion

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