Top 10 Adult Bollywood Movies Of All Time! Check Out Now


When it comes to Adult Bollywood Movies, there is no going back (imagine if censor board didn’t exist!). I am sure you are in a good mood to explore out these movies, so why waste time? Taking you the exclusive pool of movies where the [email protected] and entertainment in abundance.

P.S- Do not watch these adult Bollywood movies when your parents are around.

B.A Pass

The movie has [email protected], [email protected] and a lot of [email protected] The concept of the movie revolves around trust, money, affairs between a married lady and a young college boy who later gets into escort services. In fact, it’s not just the [email protected], instead, the character play clubbed with the storyline makes the movie appealing enough. If you are looking to watch something for good sleep (if you know what I mean), B.A pass is the right choice (the second part is out too).


Are you looking out for a movie to please your hands? (ehm ehm). Well! This movie revolves around a girl who starts her life as a normal girl but eventually turns up being a call girl considering the intensity of the situation. The movie full of seduction, love [email protected], and fun can be in your next trending list, surely!


Some streaming hot romance between Bipasha Basu and John Ibrahim created a buzz in the B-town when this movie released. With the vague storyline but yet intensely hot, it revolves around a wife of a traveling millionaire a lawyer who had great [email protected] chemistry clearly depicted in the movie. Go watch it out!

Murder (2004)

Mallika Sherawat and Emraan Hashmi- if this is the star cast of the movie, what else can you expect out of it? Where Imran Hashmi is the kissing star and Malika, the sizzling between- this chemistry worked wonder for the movie Murder. The plot revolves around a love story where intimacy was at the peak. Full of abuses and [email protected], this movie can be your ultimate 2 am the savior (if you know what I mean). This movie has series too- hence, the uninterrupted flow of intimacy

Hate story (2012)

This movie is sure to give you a load of bumps. Full of nudity and excitement (where you will zoom in or literally pause to see her protruding nipple). The storyline is one of my favorite (and the movie too), where a girl goes out of her way, sleeping around with her potential suspects and one who can be her strength in her fight, just for the sake of her revenge.

Ishq Junoon

Wooh! Hold on a second. We never thought Indian cinema would ever show something like “threesome”. Well! The storyline is very basic and easily guessable. The girl from a small town who comes out of her middle-class mentality to achieve something big. There she ends up meeting a rich boy followed by the guy’s brother- “agey, ap samajhdar ho”


One of the flops yet admired movies (because of course, it has a lot of [email protected]) girlfriend was a movie revolution of the era. Because obviously nobody (at least in the Bollywood) thought of creating a movie which showed love and intimacy between two girls followed by the story (Yes, ‘lesbian’ is the right term). Full of [email protected], nudity, intimacy, and hotness- this movie surely surpasses adulthood- like literally!

Ek Choti si love story

This movie was way ahead of the time and there is no going back! For the first time in the history of Bollywood, this movie had something called masturbation! Yes! You read that right, the combination of [email protected] and masturbation makes it the great hit of the time. P.S you might need to let your little one relax after watching this movie!


Well! The movie is more on the lighter part where the story is depicted in the form of a comedy. The story revolves around a boy who sleeps with a dozen women before finding his ultimate match. This movie is a clear depiction of a man’s life at different stages of his life and his urge to having [email protected] For unstoppable fun, watch this movie today.


The lesser-known ‘A’ category movie of the Bollywood is not just a movie with [email protected] needs but a lot of [email protected] stories. Well! The story revolves around a man who is a pornographic writer and aspires to try his hands in the literature but eventually ends up writing a [email protected] story novel which became a great hit.

These are some Adult Bollywood Movies list. We know you can add many more to this list. Excited already? Keep calm because you have to watch them all. #Happy_nights_to_you. Do you have more suggestions? Let us know in the comment section below and keep following hub4trendies.