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Batman movie dark knight rises

One of the most emotionally resonating comic book films is the Christopher Nolan’s last of the Batman Trilogy, The Dark Knight Rises. It is just not a regular Batman movie; it was more of a battle movie with Batman in the middle of it.


If we try to put it in the right way, this movie is more like a superhero movie without a superhero, which is not a bad thing. Nolan delivered us The Dark Knight where we saw a superhero movie in a way that we haven’t ever seen before. The movie had Nolan’s take on it, so he brought together the usual costume, techno-toys, destruction of a city with brawny crime epic, a combination which we haven’t seen before.

So it was quite obvious that we were in for a treat for the final installment of his Batman trilogy. Batman in this movie is portrayed as more like a symbol than a character, eventually becoming an icon.


Eight years after the city streets have been sweep off the remaining of Joker’s crimes, Gotham’s peace again under attack by another ox-built revolutionary in a gas mask, who portrays himself as the reckoning that Gotham needs.

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What we have to give credit for this movie, that Nolan being the genius that he does not go for the conventional artificial route to engage the audience in an action sequence. No. He does this with the least amount of help from the CGI team, which takes those scenes to a whole new level.

In this movie, more characters are given depth to their own story, Joesph Gordon Levitt as a beat cop named John Blake manages to impress our friendly Commissioner for the past few movies Mr. Gordon played by none other than Gary Oldman. This movie has managed to capture the character arc in Levitt and Gordon’s camaraderie beautifully depicting how far the characters have come in this trilogy and what position they hold in the movies. In this movie, the story of Levitt is given as much importance as Bruce Wayne’s which was an interesting thing to see.

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Another noteworthy mention should be the fact how Nolan chose to not use any musical element in the background during the whole Bane and Batman face off. This helped in maintaining the intensity of the action sequence; the audience can almost feel every kick and punch along the way.


In the trailer they say “hope is lost” and to be honest they did deliver that. This not just any superhero movie, it is motivational as well as philosophical mixed with a whole lot of badass-ness.

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