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When you see the audience around you cheering in a scene where Joker slams a guy’s head onto a pencil, you know you’re in for something special. One of the best things Christopher Nolan did for the batman movie was that he saved the most iconic Batman villain for his second film not the first. This is a trick he played to get the audience drawn to it and get more invested for the sequel to come. The Dark Knight (2008) is a story between Batman & Joker


Christian Bale is back as Batman after the first movie where the only flaw people poked out of him was his voice, which to be honest is a bit exaggerated. But we can easily look past that as every character has its own identity. Another two mentions in this movie have to be Gary Oldman’s Gordon and Aaron Eckhart’s Harvey Dent, which most probably got overshadowed by the screen presence of Ledger’s Joker.

This could be pointed the best of the work of Eckhart’s career to that point. He gave the character so much importance that left a huge impact on the movie and the audience’s minds as well. Dent shares almost the same ideology as Batman but using a more legal approach, which is at his disposal.

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Heath Ledger being the legend that he is knocked on this character right out of the park. The world misses him for the person he was but also for these iconic characters which he made for himself. This was probably the first movie where you get the most number of scary scenes in a superhero movie ever. Every scene with Joker in it was intense.

The mastermind that is Joker is such an intelligent character that it manipulates the views of his opponent by setting up instances that would compel him to do otherwise. To make his way easier he puts up the moral dilemma in front of Batman. This makes him one of the smartest villains of all time. He targets the person he wants to attack, does his bit of research, finds his or her weaknesses and attacks them right there.

Another reason why this character remains to be one of the greatest characters ever although being a villain is that all his acts make sense. He is not a lunatic who goes on hurting people just for fun. Everything he does make sense. He again wants to do the same as Dent or Batman, fixes the society in his villainy way.

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