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world cup prize money

Ever thought about the prize money that sportsmen get for winning the World Cup? All things considered, we’ve taken after the cash to give you the appropriate responses. So, here is the list of some sports World Cup Prize Money given below:


There is no less of devoted fans for Cricket. The Cricket World Cup has a gigantic prize cash as well. In 2015, the Cricket World Cup’s prize sum was an astounding Rs. 68,93,50,000.00 Indian Rupee! In spite of the fact that the cash isn’t the prize of the diversion, these figures are absolutely significant!


The FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia is nearly upon us. Without a doubt, fans will undoubtedly think about how much the triumphant group gets as prize cash. In the FIFA World Cup 2014, the victors packed away Rs. 2,41,24,62,500.00 Indian Rupee! Hold your stun! In the 2018 FIFA World Cup, the champs will get Rs. 2,61,95,30,000.00 Indian Rupee and the Runner Up gets the Prize of Rs. 1,92,98,30,000.00 Indian Rupee.

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Badminton is a game usually played by almost everyone during childhood. The season-finishing World Tour Finals 2018 (Level 1) will have Rs. 82,74,600.00 Indian Rupee up for snatches and doubles winners Rs. 86,87,070.00 Indian Rupee (8.40 percent). Runners-up in both singles and doubles will make Rs. 41,36,700.00 Indian Rupee.!


Everybody is very much aware of the Formula One dashing title (F1 Racing). Ever thought about what amount the victors get? In the 2017 arrangement, Ferrari got an incredible, inconceivable Rs. 4,89,43,85,000.00 Indian Rupee!


Nobody can overlook Tennis with regards to big showdown sports. The notorious Wimbledon arrangement for Tennis has dependably been looked for after by champions. In the 2018 arrangement, the victors, the two men, and ladies will get an astounding Rs. 3,44,57,50,000.00 Indian Rupee as Prize cash!

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Rugby World Cup

Rugby World Cup has no particular prize store. Rather than contending associations are paid out as indicated by the general benefit made by the International Rugby Board (IRB) once the competition has been finished.

So instead of being paid prize cash, players are offered exceptional contract charges by their own particular associations, including rewards for winning matches at the competition. These rewards can mount up rapidly. For instance, the England group would procure an expected Rs. 3,44,57,50,000.00 Indian Rupee on the off chance that they won the World Cup.

Super Bowl

Despite the fact that the Super Bowl is by a wide margin the most elevated profile sports occasion in the United States, it’s not the best-paid games occasion in the nation. The triumphant group in the Super Bowl is paid Rs. 75,80,65,000.00 Indian Rupee in prize cash.


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