Some major SEO mistakes which will blow your website ranking

SEO mistakes

No matter how good you are at marketing, you are not going to get traffic from Google on your website unless you stop making the mistakes that we’ll be discussing in this article. Today, we are going to share with you five SEO mistakes that will crush your website rankings.

1) Putting dates in your URL

If your URL is something like, you might not get as much traffic as you would without doing that. Research has shown that websites that removed dates from their URL received up to 70% more traffic.

The problem with putting dates in your URL is that Google thinks your website is relevant to that date. So if you’ve written an evergreen content and you want steady traffic on it, you have to stop putting dates in your URL.

2) Not linking your content

Let’s say your website is about marketing, so when you create new content, you must link your previous content that is relevant to that one. This way, all the different contents of your site would be interconnected and it would generate more traffic.

3) Thinking of SEO as just SEO

Okay! That’s a bit dubious. Let us expand on that. SEO is not just about on-page code, it’s not just about building links, it’s not even just about getting social shares; it’s about building a brand.

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Eric Schmidt, the ex CEO of Google once said that brands are the solution. What he means is that if you are wondering which sites rank higher on Google, it’s the sites that have a brand image.

Why is that? Well, you must have heard of fake news; it’s to combat that. It isn’t just Facebook who’s concerned about fake news, it’s Google as well. You can do things like collecting e-mails to keep people getting back to you; tools like Hello Bar can help you do that for free. You can use tools like to use push notifications so that when people come to your site, they can subscribe with one click. If all those people keep coming back, it’ll help reinforce your brand to them. That’ll help you climb in the rankings.

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4) Writing Content

“What! But content is king.”
Indeed it is, but if you simply write content and then do not update it, then you’re in serious trouble. Just producing more and more new content day and night isn’t going to help if it all becomes irrelevant after a while. As a result, Google will dump you in rankings.

On the other hand, if you post new content but also keep updating the previous one from time to time, Google will think you are still relevant and will rank you higher. With billions of blogs out there, Google likes picking updated content instead of old and obsolete content.

5) Not thinking about the user

Google looks at something we call User Metrics. Whether it’s the browser or the toolbar, Google wants to make sure people have an amazing experience. It uses all those different platforms to track how people perceive your site when they visit it. Now Google can’t go out and survey people but what it can do is calculate the time people take between clicking on your site from the listing to pressing the back button.

The retention rate tells Google whether your website is user-friendly or not. So by putting the user first, instead of putting the SEO first, your website will climb to the top.

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