‘Love Jihad’ , Rajasthan Man Gets Muslim Man To Death & Sets Him On Fire

love jihad rajasthan

Rajsamand of Rajasthan saw a chilling homicide on the lines of Hindutva belief system, in a viral video which was coursed on Whatsapp. In the video, it can be seen that the man hacks another man who is supposedly a Muslim worker from West Bengal, and afterward sets him ablaze. He does this while raging about how he is sparing a lady from “Affection Jihad”. In an online networking post, the presume said it was a “notice” to the individuals who submit ‘love jihad’.

Web administrations have been halted in Rajsamand to prevent the two viral recordings from coursing. The recordings were posted by the denounced. He likewise posted two different recordings, one where he is in a sanctuary and assuming liability of the murder and another is of he sitting close to a saffron signal and is giving a discourse on ‘affection jihad’ and ‘Islamic jihad’. State Home Minister Gulab Chand Kataria says that the blamed, who has been distinguished as Shambhu Lal Regar has been captured. The Police propose that the video has been made by a third individual.

The police found a half consumed body on the streets of Rajsamand early morning and suspect that the body may of the casualty, 48-year-old Mohammed Afrazul, a worker from West Bengal’s Malda and who was living in Rajasthan throughout the previous 12 years.

The video indicates Shambhu Lal, driving Afrazul some place. At that point out of the blue he flung his hatchet from behind, more than once hacking Afrazul. Boisterous howls and shouts can be heard and that is the place the video ends up difficult to watch.

At that point the disturbed Shambu goes on a tirade about how by murdering Afrazul, he is sparing a lady from “Adoration Jihad”, while he consumes the body. The majority of this has been recorded by another person as asserted by the police. The charged flowed the video on Whatsapp.

As indicated by NDTV, Home Minister Kataria stated, “It is stunning how he executed the man and made a video of it. The denounced has been captured and an uncommon examination group (SIT) has been set up… Any individual will be aggravated by the video.”

*The video is irritating profoundly. We are as yet putting it out there for individuals to comprehend the extent of the issue. Watcher tact is prudent.

The Hatred heaved for the sake of governmental issues

The disdain towards a Hindu young lady wedding or notwithstanding experiencing passionate feelings for a Muslim kid was engendered as a political motivation has now taken a vicious turn. There was no dread of law in the brain of the charged in light of the fact that this disdain has overwhelmed his detects.

He has quite recently not transformed into a killer, there are numerous individuals who are valuing his endeavors.

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