Latest Top 10 Bollywood Hot and Sensational Songs!

top 10 hot songs

Bollywood is full of sensation-even after 101 cuts from the censor board. From “Dhak Dhak” to “Aang laga de”, Bollywood has always helped us to spend some quality time. (Ignore it, just being little kinky). No matter how much you deny, it’s quiet in our vein to start tapping out beats on the Bollywood item number and search for hot Bollywood songs when aroused. Well! I thought of bringing it for you on your table (like literally)- The top ten Bollywood Hot songs. There you go!

1. Ang Laga De Re, Movie: Ram Leela


Wooh! The room is already sizzling hot because of course, the combination of Deepika + Ranveer + Hot songs = “Apni neeyat sambhal lo”.

2. Yeh jism hai to kya, Movie: Jism 2

jism 2

This movie is more like doing sin we always kept hidden- yes you guessed it right I am talking about Sunny Leone. I mean who would not want to see her curvy body matched with the muscular Randeep Hooda?

3. Haal E Dil, Movie: Murder 2


Imran Khan- the master of kissing and [email protected] scenes! He is unbeatable when it comes to performing sensual moves (please don’t count sunny Leone in this list). Haal E Dil is just a spiced up personality of his own.

4. Kamli, Movie: Dhoom 3


When Katrina, one after another ripped her clothes apart, I am sure all of you wanted the last piece of cloth on her body to vanish (Better luck next time guys).

5. Aaj Phir, Movie: Hate story 2

aaj phir

Just being honest, I personally watched this video for quite a zillion times and could never grasp enough of it. Who else did play this music in his lovemaking sessions?

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6. Katra-Katra, Movie: Alone


It’s quite obvious if you leave the newly married couple (who are passionately in love) on the set with the hot scene- the temperature will rise. Something similar happened on the set of Alone where Bipasha and Karan met for the song Katra Katra

7. Jo Haal Dil ka, Movie: Sarfarosh


If I sum this song in plain words- it was outdoor category porn in the late ’90s because it was one of the boldest moves to witness past in that era. Trust me!

8. Yeh Kasoor Mera Hai, Movie: Jism 2


Sunny Leone just being honest to you, “yeh kasoor Sach main tumhara hi hai”- because after this song men have lost sleep. (or maybe watching this to sleep, who knows).

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9. Kuch Khas Hai, Movie: Fashion

kuchh khas h

To set up your mood with the wine in one hand and your girl in another- this song is a perfect catalyst. Priyanka you played it well!

10. Bheege Hoth Tere, Movie: Murder


The lyrics of the song are quite enough to explain the mood of the air- and you’re no kid to freak out! So enjoy!

Did we help you in keeping your night sorted :P?
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