Ladies, Gents therapeutic tests in 1 room: Madhya Pradesh Police enlistment

A stunning and odd episode has come to fore from an administration facility in Madhya Pradesh's Bhind, where medicinal trial of male and female competitors who connected for police constable employments were done in a similar room on Tuesday.

In Madhya Pradesh’s Bhind, medicinal trial of male, female police constable hopefuls were done in same room.

The recording indicated youthful male candidates stripped to their underpants, arranged to get their tallness and chest estimated in a similar room where lady hopefuls were additionally being checked.

No ladies specialists or medical attendants can be found in the room where the female candidates were experiencing tests.

“We have issued cautioning letters to all the colleagues of the examination council. We have likewise requested an enquiry and who ever is capable will be rebuffed,” NDTV cited common specialist of Bhind Ajit Mishra saying.

On the nonappearance of attendants, Mishra stated, “there are four woman specialists in the region clinic; three of whom are on restorative leave…we have deputed one woman specialist and one attendant for the therapeutic tests now.”

Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister said that the test in progress and strict move will be made against those discovered capable. “We are considering this important, strictest move will be made against those discovered dependable. A test is in progress,” Shivraj Singh Chouhan said.

As per reports, 217 male and female applicants were conceded for preparing in police employments and compulsory therapeutic tests for them were being completed at the greatest government facility in Bhind. A sum of 18 female and 21 male applicants were inspected.

The Tuesday’s occurrence comes extremely close to a comparable episode where hopefuls showing up for the post of police constable in Madhya Pradesh had their standings stamped on their chests amid the physical examination on April 28. At the point when the 206 hopefuls lined up for the restorative test at the region clinic in Dhar, they were isolated based on their stations “to stay away from perplexity”.

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Two police authorities have been suspended for stamping SC/ST on the hopefuls’ bodies. The episode had brought a furore up in the state inciting Madhya Pradesh home priest Bhupendra Singh to arrange an examination.


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