How to Implement Adsense, Earn money with Google Adsense!!

how to earn money using google adsense

Beginner’s Guide to Implement Adsense: How to use Google Adsense, Do you want to learn everything about, there is to know about Google AdSense?

Before entering into the world of Google AdSense, I started looking for recurring income opportunities from blogging and from the website. After reading and using all types of ad networks, Google AdSense worked out to be the best monetization technique after affiliate marketing.

Something about me: Google AdSense is activated for my website in Feb 2017 and since then, I have earned about $3,000 (INR 184K).

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is an advertising service provided by Google. This is for website publishers who want to Publish and show their content, videos or images ad’s on website pages and through that earn money when visitors view or click the ads while visiting the website.

Start earning revenue from your owned website without any worries. Google AdSense is free to use, flexible, easy to use and implement and is one of the best ways to earn revenue/money by showing unique and relevant and engaging ads alongside your website’s unique content.

The ads of AdSense are managed and controlled by Web publishers and they need to simply create an AdSense account, create ads as per your requirement and copy and paste the provided code on your website where you want to display ads. Money through AdSense is generated on a per-click or per-impression basis. It is totally free to become a verified web publisher in the Google AdSense program.

Google offers various no. of AdSense programs, depending on your content type. Some common programs are:

  • Google AdSense for content: displaying ads on a website
  • Google AdSense for search: displaying ads in search results on a website
  • Google AdSense for mobile: displaying ads on a mobile site
  • Google AdSense for feeds: displaying ads in RSS feeds
  • Google AdSense for domain: displaying ads on an unused domain

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AdSense programs are also available for qualified publishers & developers. Adsense publishers which have qualified for ads can implement AdSense ad’s to earn revenues for iPhone applications, video or Web browser games.

Google offers the following AdSense programs for qualified publishers:

  • AdSense for mobile applications: monetize Android and iPhone applications
  • AdSense for TV: monetize TV inventory
  • AdSense for video: monetize online video content
  • AdSense for mobile applications: monetize Android and iPhone applications
  • AdSense for TV: monetize TV inventory
  • AdSense for video: monetize online video content
  • AdSense for games: monetize browser-based games

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What Google Adsense will pay you?

  • Earn money from valid clicks or impressions.
  • Display high-quality ads, relevant to your content and audience.
  • Control the type of ads displayed on your site & customize them to match your brand.
  • Keep track of the ad results with detailed reports.

One thing I would like to share:

Google AdSense is very strict for its policies, so please make sure that you read the AdSense guide and learn about the best practices for monetizing with AdSense.

Note: If you have installed Adblock extension or software to block ads in your browser, you need to uninstall or disable it to use the Google AdSense ads.

We will come back with more about AdSense and related topics, please comment and share your valuable comments below.


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