How to be Safe when Visiting the Hospital || Do Not Smoke

visiting hospital

Nobody visits the hospital in a happy mood. They are either sick or visiting someone sick. Do you expect the hospital atmosphere to be pure under such circumstances? Obviously not! You need to take care of your hygiene and some precautions while visiting the hospital (In both the circumstances). Do you want to discover them? Keep reading!

“Because the health can’t be compromised”

Tissue your best friends!

While visiting the hospital, you should make peace with the tissue paper. Sneeze into it, scratch it or swap it, but do not touch your face with a bare hand- as it makes your face prone to infection and it’s not a good sign (god hails if you have sensitive skin)

Alcohol- Don’t drink but wash!

Immediately after returning from the hospital you should wash your hands with the Alcohol-based hand wash to decentralize the bacterial infection. (I think the Alcohol makes them drool and die. Please ignore my PJ)

PS use your hand both before visiting and leaving the patient.

Some Extra care for Isolation

Are you going to visit a patient in the isolation care? It’s advised to cover your hands with a glove and wear full sleeves t-shirt combined with a face mask before you visit them- after all, you will definitely not like to swap place!

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If you feel sick- stay away!

You are strictly advised not to visit a patient if you yourself feel sick the same day. This will increase the chance of either of you falling extremely sick.

Use the Bathroom when extremely urgent.

Don’t use the washroom in the hospital unless it’s not extremely urgent. Why? Because you never know-how has the workers sanitized the place- this place can be the major epitome for disease, you should better keep a safe distance.

Do not smoke

These smoke addicts leave no stones unturned. I request them to be a little empathetic towards the patients and themselves too. DO NOT SMOKE when in hospital, no matter how bad the urge is.

Do you have something to add to it? Let us know in the comment section below and keep reading #stayhealthy #staytrendy


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