Green Lantern (2011) Lord Of The Green Rings in Dual Audio HD

green lantern

When it first came out in 2011, this movie got slammed by the critics as well as the ardent comic book lovers. Green Lantern is a story about Hal Jordon played by none other than Ryan Reynolds, who is a test pilot by profession. His character eventually gets sucked into the world of Green Lantern Corporation where he acquires superpowers giving us another story of a human being bestowed with responsibility leading the war of WILL vs FEAR.


The plot almost reminds you of Star Wars, Jedi, trying to maintain peace, instead of lightsabers here they use rings. These rings have the ultimate power of making anything that you can imagine. Only a green lantern comic book fan can judge if Ryan Reynolds did a good job in this movie or not because we all know what he is capable of as an actor in “non-superhero movies”.

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However, he brought all the right elements into the movie to make this movie a fun watch. You get to see the humor, sarcasm with a little hint of arrogance in this character. In this movie, you see an age-old alien race trying to stop another alien named Parallax, who IS the bad guy in the movie, by dividing the universe into smaller forces to ensure peace is maintained everywhere.

The most disappointing part of the movie is to sit there and watch the other lanterns do nothing whatsoever, every once in a while we see them raising their rings high up to the sky to mash up all the elements of Earth.

The movie adaptation of the comic book is sure to ring chords with the comic book lovers who are pretty much aware of the back story and is excited to see a visual representation of their favorite superhero.

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Special shout-out to our brilliant scientist nerd, Hector Hammond, played by Peter Sarsgaard, Peter does his best to give the character a whole new dimension creating relief from the sugar-coated character of Reynolds in the movie. Nevertheless, the movie does not do justice with the portrayal of Hector’s mind-reading abilities.


The movie is a very chilled out version of the comic, as it does not pushes you to think about the “whys” or run after logic. Its light-hearted dialogue and not so intense action sequences, unlike other superhero movies, make it a fun watch with some breath-taking special effects.

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