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On May 19, 2019, the game finally came to an end. One of the highest-rated TV shows ever to be made gave its viewers an ending that left them feeling somewhat empty. But today we will discuss the very first season of the show helping you compare where the show stands now in your head. So this blog will include some serious spoilers. Watch Game Of Thrones Season 1: Winter is Coming

The beginning: Game of Thrones

In 2011, David Benioff and D. B. Weiss took up a story written by George R. R. Martin set in a fantasy world called Westeros and decided to adapt it for a television show. The story involved seven gallant families fighting for control over the mythical land. The conflict amongst them leads to full-blown wars and sea of betrayals. At the same time, the farthest of the north saw the awakening of an ancient evil. In the thick of this war, the only thing standing between those icy horrors and the men of all realms are the derelict military orders of oddballs, the Night’s Watch.

The Title Track

One of the main attractions of this TV adaption is its title track. It is so catchy that after hearing it once you can’t stop humming it. In season 1, we all tried to pinpoint the main characters of the show. Interestingly it didn’t have a handful of main characters. We could say that the first season was more about Ned Stark (and his family) than anybody else but it still develops a lot of characters that eventually become imperative in leading the story forward. Brandon Stark, Daenerys Targaryen, Jon Snow are some of the characters that see development in the first season itself. The other characters although that didn’t see much growth were still a huge part of the story.

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These characters build the good vs evil, wanting us to root for the Starks over Lannisters. However, the one Lannister that became almost everyone’s favorite is Peter Dinklage’s character, Tyrion Lannister. Surrounded by so many muscles around, Tyrion didn’t leave a single chance to prove how important the power of the brain is through his wisdom. He is proud of his family name but certainly doesn’t approve the way they function. The scene where he discusses the love of his life, where he fell in love with a whore, the disparity in reaction from his father and brother, is more intense than most of the killings on the show.

The Boldest Character: Arya Stark

Another character that caught our eye is Ned Stark’s youngest daughter Arya Stark. A character of her age and the way she rebels against the societal norm that expects her to be a “lady” is such an important subject matter. She is mischievous and enjoys tricks now and then but holds high morale. She cares for people, especially about her family but still wants to continue with what she wants to do. With her father’s approval, she learns to fight from Braavosian swordmaster, Syrio Forel. This indicates how important her character is going to be in the upcoming seasons.

Another huge character development we see is that of Daenerys Targaryen, beautifully portrayed by Emilia Clarke. Initially, her character was shown very fragile but with the circumstances and tragic incidents, she had to face she becomes this strong independent woman.

The season favorite, Ned Stark loses his head to his nobility and honor. The decisions he made the entire season just to stay noble put his family in danger, multiple times. But the moment he decides to disclose the truth and save his family, it becomes too late. Although Arya idolized her father’s morals, his death taught her the value of being cautious about where to use those morals.

The thirst for yielding such power to rule no matter what comes in the way is believable but not convincible, but that’s what the show is all about.

This show ticks all the right boxes to become one of the greatest shows that it is today. Be it the writing, the direction, the use of CGI/VFX, the stunt coordinator, the action and last but not the least the casting. Half of this huge ensemble cast didn’t even saw any light of fame before this show came along their way. Later this proved to be the turning point of the career of many.

Conclusion & Watch Game of Thrones

The technical domain, the production behind it, the CGI work never overshadow the entity of the show which is the characters. Everything is on point but it just helps in elevating the character and not just become the highlight of the show itself.  Although it is a George R. R. Martin’s story, HBO does a phenomenal job bringing it on screen.

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