Facebook & Tinder Gave Sum of Rs 4Lakh to Anand Prakash (Ethical hacker), Why???


Anand Prakash was compensated $5,000 (Rs 325,000) by Facebook, and $1,250 (Rs 81,000) by Tinder.

Point and pow! Acclaimed moral programmer, Anand Prakash, who has won crores-worth abundance for detailing bugs, was as of late at work once more. Prakash as of late found a record takeover powerlessness in the Tinder application, and was granted Rs 400,000 for finding the bug.

The defenselessness enabled an assailant to access a Tinder account. This was discovered more probable for individuals who utilized their versatile number to login. Prakash found this was exploitable with a defenselessness in Account Kit by Facebook. In more straightforward words, both Tinder web and portable applications enable clients to utilize their versatile numbers to login, and this login benefit is given by Account Kit (by Facebook). As has been cleared up, the specified vulnerabilities were stopped rapidly by the building groups of Facebook and Tinder.

At the point when a client taps on Login with Phone Number on Tinder, they are diverted to Accountkit.com for login. In the event that the confirmation is effective at that point Account Kit passes the entrance token to Tinder for login.

However as Prakash found, the Tinder API was not checking the customer ID on the token gave by Account Kit. This empowered the aggressor to utilize some other application’s entrance token gave by Account Kit to assume control over the genuine Tinder records of different clients. Which implies, a helplessness on Account Kit, was enabling access to any client’s Account Kit account just by utilizing their telephone number. Once in, the assailant could get hold of the client’s entrance token of Account pack display in treats (aks). Post that, the aggressor could utilize the entrance token to sign into the client’s Tinder account utilizing the defenseless API.

Prakash instantly revealed these bugs to both Tinder and Facebook, and was granted $5,000 (Rs 325,000) by Facebook, and $1,250 (Rs 81,000) by Tinder.


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