Download Venom: The First Movie Of Sony’s Marvel Universe! Watch Now


You will be shocked to know that Venom the first picture by #Sony’s_Marvel_Universe is an #antihero movie (where the protagonist will be seen doing ambiguous activities). Yes, you read that right! This first-ever movie which is produced by Columbia Pictures in association with Marvel will be soon hitting the theatres and we can’t wait for it anymore! Download Venom: The First Movie Of Sony’s Marvel Universe! Watch Now

The energetic Venom

As the name itself suggests, the movie venom will be full of badass energy and characters. In fact, marvel’s one of the most badass characters is coming on screen in this sony’s picture, he is no other than Venom himself. What makes this movie an altogether more interesting is the actor himself- Tom Hardy playing the lead role. How can we really keep calm?

The poster of the movie- explained!

The first poster of the movie was released in the month of January and then that’s when people were sure about this antihero moving coming into play. The poster is full of energy and a villain like structure- the long teeth, the dripping saliva, the hair-like structured face, and the complete set surely compliments the title of the movie- venom. For the first time, sony refused on rating the movie as R but surely it’s ao kid movie. Approx 2 months before the release, the movie is in full limelight and of course, with some controversies, it is highlighted all over the internet.

Important Dates and Names of the Movie!

Now that you are eagerly waiting for this deadly movie to release just like us, you are now entitled to know about minute details about it. So here we go!

Director: Ruben Fleischer
Star cast: Tom Hardy, Michelle William, Woody Harrelson Jenny slate and Riz Ahmed
Release Date: 5th October 2018
Genre: Sci-fi

Excited for the movie? Get ready to turn into some badass character.

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To Download Venom Full Movie in Dual Audio HD, Link is given below
Link: magnet:?xt=urn:btih:1f716b4a6614f691d3e814164b990bca2f72e6a7&dn=Venom+2018+1080p+WEBRip+x264+Hindi+English+ESub+%5BMW%5D&

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