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stree movie review

P.S Spoiler ahead, read at your own risk! “First-time Dekha tujhe love ho Gaya, second-time mein sab ho Gaya”– the sentence itself must have given you an idea about our today’s topic of discussion- yes! You guessed it right- The movie Stree (Based on ridiculously true Phenomenon) is on the list today. This funny experimental comedy has given out a beautiful message in its funny sarcastic way. Let’s dig into knowing it better through your personal entertainer- & Download Stree Movie below

Star cast of the movie!

Overview of the Movie…

Camera zoom in into the giant, dark background, where the man comes out heading his way to pee when suddenly he hears Stree calling him-*boom the Stree is here (please pardon my pj. Well! The story revolves around the character of Stree and a lot of drama-which is otherwise the mixture of chivalry and some judgmental minds.

Talking about the characters and the plot of the movie- the story revolves around the village of Chanderi where a ghost named Stree calls out for men in the festive season (when they are alone) and takes them away if the men look back hearing her voice. In the movie, Rajkumar Rao falls in love with the mysterious girl (Shraddha Kapoor) who seems to be planning fair enough to kill away Stree. It’s only by the end of the movie that we discover- Shraddha herself is Stree.

Critical Appreciation!

The plot of the movie is simply incredible because the way they have combined one of the major problems into a hilarious and fun element is incomparable. We talk about gender equality and women’s rights, and in the second phase we forget to provide her with basic respect- this is what Amar Kaushik tried bringing out into his comedy movie.

Stree is an experimental story that manages to be scary and funny at the same time. Full of misogyny and chivalry, this movie highlights the need to respect women in our society-because one wrong decision leads to 100 trouble experiences.

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