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Hate story 2012 movie download

Ever seen a combination of love and hatred? If not, Hate story should be on your watch list. Not just because it has got bold scenes but because the boldness it depicts in a lady character goes unmatched. When you watch Haste story, you just don’t see it, in fact, you feel it it is charging, hot, sensational and electrifying. This movie is all about glamour, revenge, boldness, and everything that will keep you hooked to the screen. Download Hate Story 2012 Movie Review, Insight & Watch in HD

When Twists are endless

It’s a story about a simple, clear-headed and ambitious girl who believes in the simplicity of life. Eventually, she ends up falling in love with her boss who makes her believe in something called love.


Right from getting the special status at the office (which is obvious) to make her feel special, the man does that all for her but what awaits next is the plot of the movie. Getting ditched by man, and being called no less than a kept, the fire in the girl rises that takes every man down the loop and here’s how her game for revenge begins

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Her Spotless Game

When her heart gets shattered, she chooses the path of extremes. In simple terms, she enters into prostitution to make the men go weak on their knees (and it worked). Right from the policeman, politician to the CEO himself, she leaves no stones unturned to neck her revenge game.

The story has a very strong portrayal of her character and a message that brings things straight- if a woman gets her game on, nobody can stop her. The result being, she gets successful in shattering down bits and pieces of the man, his organization, his reputation and everything that game him a name in the society

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Because Revenge is the strongest emotion

It’s not just a feeling, it’s an emotion and when you get it to bang on, there is no looking back. In fact, when we talk about this movie, more than revenge, the storyline revolves around a woman character that crosses every boundary to get what she wants to be fearless about the society, her family and even herself in the path to shatter the man who thought her to be weak and ditched her in the worst possible scenario.

Apart from this, the movie has a lot of [email protected] scenes (and that’s exactly why you won’t lose a chance to get your eyes off the screen) spicy yet bold, love but a hate story- hate story is a true package.

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