Doctor Strange: Sharp, Witty, and Psychedelic Full Story & Download

Doctor Strange Movie Download

Psychedelic, brain juggling, empowering and impactful Doctor Strange is one of the best creating of Marvel Movies. From the first screen set up to the last scene, the plot, essence, and theme of the movie were absolutely undisturbed, If you are a person who loves to grab a popcorn, sneak into your pajamas and use your wit to watch a movie- Doctor strange can be your perfect Choice. Exited to know more about the movie- keep reading (you can also download the movie from the given link).

The Unexpected Convention

The Movie revolves around  Dr. Stephen Strange ( the Protagonist), who is a brilliant neurosurgeon popular worldwide because of his unexceptional intelligence deeply analyzing the case and finding the best remedy ( in the beginning scene of the movie he seems more like the privileged swagger of tony stark). But lately, his career got destroyed when he met with a car accident and ruined his hand nerves (making it impossible for him to get back to his work). After numerous failed attempt to regain his strength and get back to his work, he moves towards Nepal. Having found the Ancient one (Tilda Swinton), his journey of revolution begins.

Unveiling the Ancient One

Swinton or the ancient one is an unworldly Zen teacher with the essence of very earthly cruelty. Her aura resembles a very bold personality that is taking the world by storm. It’s only in the latter half of the movie that we get to know, she derives her power from the dark energy ( her power to live beyond years), making her followers turn against him.  If you ask about her role in the movie- she was the supreme power and after her death, the earth chose Strange to take over the responsibility to save the world.

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The X Factor

The depiction of time management and the augmentation of reality is one of the most fascinating things you will see in this movie. The art of creating a world of your own or get into any space at any given point of time ( without much of an effort), might sound funny and unrealistic but is actually a pleasure for an eye to witness in the movie. Full of brain bugging scene, manipulation of time and a plot to crave for Dr. Strange is far beyond the ordinary

Not watched this epic Marvel movie yet? No worries, we are here to sort it out. Download the given link and enjoy watching Dr. Strange and for more such updates stay tuned to H4T




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