Do you Know, Why we celebrate birthday? Answered!

happy birthday

“Yeah 2 days to go”, we get so excited when our birthday is taken into account We forget our age, likes and dislikes and don’t even think if it’s legit enough to celebrate it. Shopping for the day since ages, planning about the party, making the guest list and a lot more- it’s our special day and we would never want to waste it. But did we ever try knowing who actually started this tradition? Why is it celebrated? It’s the significance, etc. Even if you didn’t, don’t worry we have got you sorted. Read this blog to know…

why celebrate birthday

Who started the birthday tradition?

Well, the celebration of your birthday is a pagan tradition (the religion of the peasantry). Originated from the Christianity hereafter, birthday came in trend. While Muslims oppose the concept of celebrating on turning a year older, pagan thought that the evil spirit inside us lurked (or became extremely vulnerable ) on special days, hence we better celebrate it to up the harm it can cause Though Christians didn’t practice this tradition historically eventually in the later years it became the trend, that is why we celebrate birthday.

What is the concept of blowing candles on Birthdays?

Here are some interesting facts to witness in fact blowing candle falls in one such category. What does the candle signify? Light? Happiness? Right? That’s exactly why we blow candles To bring light into the darkness and a way to communicate to the god. Hence! It surely holds some significance!

Why do we sing happy birthday to you?

You will be surprised to know who actually made this song which is today the most recognizable English song in the world Strange isn’t it Well two scholars created the tuning of the good morning which God published and it is argued that the same song got transformed into the happy birthday song. Currently, the song is under the copyright of one of the hill’s sisters- still a conspiracy theory!

BTW just for your information, the maximum number of birth in the world happens in the month of September. (obviously, dating 9 months back is the month of December- Do I need to explain more?

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