What are Symptoms of AIDS! The Difference Between HIV & AIDS?

HIV and AIDS– well you are easy to be confused with these correlated words assuming them to be of the same thing. But hey is HIV and AIDS the same things? The answer is no! To explain this further, HIV is the virus that is developed inside the human body due to N number of reasons whereas AIDS is the condition that a person adapts if he/she is HIV positive- also called stage 3 HIV. So why do people often confuse? Individually, what HIV and AIDS? Symptoms Of AIDS? What leads to acquiring this condition? The blog ahead has all the answers, keep reading for a load of knowledge!

What is HIV?

The Human immunodeficiency virus or better known as HIV is a virus that deteriorates the human immunity system. As the name itself suggest, this virus can come in contact with ‘only’ humans and can deteriorate the immunity system to a level where the human body starts to function abnormally. Normally, the human body is capable of fighting with the viruses but not in the case of HIV- in fact, it’s incurable. The only thing that might work in the case of an HIV positive person is- Meditation!

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What causes HIV?

Some of the most prevalent causes of the cause of HIV are as follows:

  • Sexually transmitted
  • Blood contact
  • Mother to child during pregnancy
  • Breastfeeding (from the HIV infected mother)

What are the symptoms of HIV?

Are you HIV infected? Find it out by comparing it to the below-mentioned symptoms of HIV (I hope you are not):

  • Weight loss
  • Fatigue
  • Diarrhea
  • Swollen lymph’s
  • Oral infection

What is AIDS?

As already explained, Aids is a condition that is the third stage of the HIV virus. AIDS or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome occurs when the HIV virus has caused serious destruction to the immune system of the body. The worst part about this condition is, it can’t be easily discovered. The symptoms of AIDS vary from person to person depending upon the various body types. Some develop pneumonia out of it and in some cases, it leads to specific cancer. Hence, it quite difficult to detect and get cured.

how to protect from HIV aids

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Earlier, the life expectancy of the people after acquiring such condition was zero, in the current world scenario, with the advanced medical approach, the HIV infected individuals live up to some year leading a normal life- yet, getting fully cured is impossible!

Symptoms Of AIDS

Have a look at some of the early symptoms of Aids:

  • Night Sweats
  • Chronic diarrhea
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Swollen glands
  • Rashes on Skin

What are the three stages of HIV?

As already explained, HIV is the virus where the immune system is weekend to the point where AIDS develops leading to the further weakening of the body where it exposed to numerous health problems including pneumonia, tuberculosis, etc. But what are the two more stages between Hiv and AIDS? Have a look!

Stage 1: Acute stage
Stage 2: Chronic stage
Stage 3: AIDS

“Because Prevention is better than Cure”

Now that you know the difference between the HIV and AIDS and the various symptoms attached to it, you should always care for your body because it’s precious and for more information follow and comment Hub4Trendies.com!