What is the difference between appointment letter, letter of intent and offer letter?

offer Letter

We always receive query asking to differentiate between appointment letter, letter of intent and offer letter and we understand its pretty confusing. So here we bring to you the basic difference between the three. Keep reading to find out more.

Appointment letter

It is the legal letter that a company send to its interviewed and selected candidates for a specific job. It is the second letter sent to the candidate, the first one being “the call letter”. This appointment letter act as a consent or a legal announcement of offering an intended job to the desired candidate:

The offer letter includes:
Name of the candidate
Designation offered to the candidate
Salary offered to the candidate
Candidates job role

An appointment letter is more like an acceptance that a company authenticates to a candidate (one who clears the interview procedure). In other words, it is more than a friendly gesture (more of a formal) where the organization requests the candidate to join their company.

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Letter of intent

It is issued to the candidates who accept the appointment letter (one who agrees to join the company). As specified, the letter of intent focuses on the fact that it is a mutual agreement between both parties to agree on the same page. In terms of job agreement, the letter of intent stands for the official document that is issued to facilitate the start of the business deal.

The content of the letter of intent is pretty much the same as the appointment letter and the detailed specimen of confirming the candidates joining.

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Offer letter

An offer letter is offered to the candidate when he or she finally joins the company. This letter is a final consent from the company’s side to make a fixed offer containing the remmuner offered, rules and regulations of the company, policies involved and various other details that the company has to convey to its employee

The offer letter contains
Details of the employee
Rules and regulations of the company
Policies of the companies
List of holidays and leaves

These are the basic difference between the three-letter and the employee has to give consent throughout these letters for his/her successful joining.

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