Top 9 Most Adventurous & Dangerous Sports Activities

most dangerous sports

Are you looking for real adventures & dangerous sports? Are you a lover of adrenaline and can’t help but experience thrilling situations even during the holidays? Then you arrived at the right spot! Here is our list of the 9 most extreme experiences you can try around the world.

  1. Caged diving with sharks
    Cage diving with sharks

On the western tip of South Africa, there are many different ways to get your heart pumping in your chest and feel the adrenaline rising, but diving into the ocean full of sharks in a cage is definitely one of the best.

  1. Helicopter skiing
    Helicopter skiing

Do you like to ski and your feet can’t resist when it comes to leaving the beaten tracks? With this particular type of sport in Canada, you will be able to ski without limits like never before.

  1. Bungee Jumping
    Bungee Jumping

Bungee Jumping in Monterrey, Mexico, is one of the most adrenaline-fueled extreme & dangerous sports. It’s guaranteed, you can’t stop smiling after your dive into the void.

  1. Ice climbing
    Ice climbing

Interlaken in Switzerland is a beautiful resort for tourists and one of the best places in Europe to practice outdoor sports. One of these is climbing the icy Swiss mountains.

  1. Rafting on rapids
    Rafting on rapids

If you are a lover of rafting, in Asia you will probably find your earthly paradise with many splendid foaming rivers from which to dive. Near Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand, lies the Mae Taeng river.

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  1. The Zorb
    The Zorb

New Zealanders seem to have a passion for creating strange and reckless activities. After bungee jumping, here is the Zorb, also known as the race in the sphere.

  1. Submarine hockey
    Submarine hockey

More than an extreme activity, it is a rather amusing sport. It might seem a bit strange, but the submarine hockey often turns into a real race and has existed for more than 60 years.

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  1. Quads

The quad allows you to experience an eventful and enjoyable adventure in the desert onboard the “quad”, a powerful off-road vehicle.

  1. Surf on the volcano
    Surf on the volcano

Surfing on the slopes of a volcano is the last point of extreme sport. If seeing a volcano spewing lava at 1000 meters high is not exciting enough for you, you can always try this activity, for example in the Cerro Negro adventure park in Nicaragua.

What do you think of these activities? Do you like to live life on the razor’s edge or do you think it is better to avoid unnecessary risks? Let us know…


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