CopyCat Malware: How To Protect your Android or Device?


According to a new report published by the Check Point researchers, CopyCat has infected about 14 million Android smartphones and rooted about 8 million of them.
The security researchers first came across the malware when it attacked the devices protected by Check Point SandBlast Mobile. By retrieving the information from malware’s Command and Control servers, they were able to get an idea of the working of CopyCat malware.

What is CopyCat Android Malware?

Expected to be one of the greatest and most broadly spread Android-based digital assaults, influencing in excess of 14 million Android gadgets around the world, the CopyCat malware is accounted for to enter an Android gadget by means of an outsider source or through a wellspring of phishing.


How does the CopyCat malware work?

Once in, the CopyCat malware naturally downloads a toolbox and can root the Android gadget consequently dealing with it. Following this, the malware can introduce false applications and show deceitful advertisements. These strategies have produced a lot of benefits for the makers of CopyCat.

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Undertakings would be the most influenced by such digital assaults since it includes the danger of losing touchy corporate information dwelling on a representatives’ Android gadget. History has given us that organization information in an inappropriate hand can topple even the biggest of associations. In such a case, it is smarter to be prepared to take on such dangers, as opposed to confronting their consequence.

How to forestall CopyCat malware from contaminating your Android gadget?

CopyCat Malware Infects 14 Million Android Smartphones, Steals Sensitive Information

Here’s what should be done to protect your enterprise:

  1. Don’t open unknown links
  2. Disable installation of non Playstore apps
  3. Disable third-party app download
  4. Download apps from a trusted developer
  5. Use security applications
  6. Backup your DATA
  7. Update your Android device

What to do if quite possibly’s my endeavor is presented to the hazard?

Jailbroken iPhones and established Android gadgets consistently represent a more serious hazard to big business security since they are a simpler objective for malware and digital assaults.

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On account of the CopyCat Android malware, when tainted, the gadget gets established and is taken over by the malevolent code. The odds that the disease spreads inside a system is high.

Utilizing Mobile Device Manager Plus, discovery, and detailing of established Android gadgets should be possible right away.

When you can distinguish the gadget that is established, you can play out an assortment of activities on it, some of which incorporate totally cleaning the gadget information, specifically cleaning the corporate information dwelling on the gadget and expelling the gadget from the corporate system so as to keep away from further harm caused because of spreading of the noxious code.


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