Chronological Order of Presidents of the United States (USA)

Presidents in the USA

The presidents in the United States (USA) have become the most powerful people in recent years. He is the head of the State and Government of the country, being the executive branch of the Federal Government. The United States Constitution names him as commander in chief of the Armed Forces. In addition, it is also in charge of foreign policy and may grant pardons and moratoriums.

Here is a chronology with the presidents of the United States (USA)

USA President list

Does the USA President, therefore, have unlimited power?

The President of the United States of America is rightly defined as the most powerful man on earth. But what can he actually do by virtue of his mandate? And what are the limits? What does it feel like to be the leader of the most powerful democracy on the face of the Earth? Although the President’s field of action is very wide indeed, the Constitution written by the founding fathers of the United States of America prevents all powers from being concentrated around a single charge.

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How is constitutional power?

The United States is, in fact, the Federal Republic in which the 50 states that compose it hold full autonomy on many political and economic aspects. In America, whoever wins the election gets a four-year mandate to govern the country. To do this, in the first months the President can appoint the federal judges of the Court of Appeal and the Judges of the Supreme Court. However, these names must be approved by the Senate. The President also has the power to indicate the new heads of the CIA (the American secret services) and of the NSA (the national security services).

It is the main interlocutor in relation to other states and therefore decides which diplomatic line to keep. It is not a small thing, because America’s friendship or hostility can make the difference between peace and war. He is head of the Armed Forces and has full power to command military operations at the place of the fighting, but even here the authorization to leave for war missions must first pass by the permission of the Congress (he cannot, therefore, wake up in the morning and decide to make war to some state).

He is the only one authorized to order a nuclear attack. Wherever he goes, the president is followed by a Pentagon soldier with a briefcase containing the “Golden Codes” to launch nuclear warheads in an emergency. However, so far, fortunately, there has never been a need. In the internal affairs, then, the American President can propose laws on economic and social matters, he can pardon death row inmates and reserves the right to give speeches to Congress and the Senate.


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