Bombay High Court : One-night stand not marriage under Hindu law

one night stand Bomabay HC

Mumbai: In a critical decision, the Bombay High Court said that a physical connection between a man and a lady by decision or by shot or coincidentally does not fall under the meaning of marriage under Hindu laws.

A tyke conceived out of a one-night-stand or comparative experiences might not have any rights over the father’s property, if there is no marriage, the court included.

“Extensively, either standard solemnization of marriage is required or execution of legitimate convention is a condition point of reference to mark that relationship as a marriage. Any sex which occurred by decision or by possibility or unintentionally isn’t a marriage,” said Justice Mridula Bhatkar.

The court indicated Section 16 of the Hindu Marriage Act that confines itself to “marriage” however perceives that the general public is experiencing changes.


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