Advanced SEO Tips: Major SEO Mistakes even Experts Make

seo mistakes

As per a study conducted by Ahrefs, among the billions of webpages that exist on the world wide web, 91% of pages get no organic traffic from Google. To top that off, 4.5% of these pages get less than 10 visits from search each month. So that means that nearly 95% of pages are struggling to get any organic traffic from Google. Chances are, if you are making the mistakes that we’ll be discussing in the article below, you might be one from that unlucky majority. Let us discuss some SEO mistakes that even experts make, and some SEO tips to make the mistakes right.

  • Not creating backlinks or not creating enough backlinks.

Regardless of what the skeptics might believe, link building is a tried and tested SEO tactic that helps you get organic traffic. Research has shown that there is a linear correlation between the backlinks and the volume of traffic generated.

So let us discuss a few link building tactics you can use to create backlinks for your pre-existing content.

  • Steal links from the top 10 ranking pages for your target keyword.

What you can do is visit a hrefs keyword explorer tool and type in your target keyword. You would get a result showing the top 10 ranking pages for that target keyword and the number of backlinks pointing at each page. Analyze the results, and reach out to the linking pages that seem relevant to you. Chances are, if they backlinked to those sites, they might backlink to you.

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  • Guest Blogging

This is a great way to supplement pages that need the extra boost. To find sites to guest post, Google search (intitle:<your topic> “guest post by”) and you’ll see a lot of places where you can pitch your guest post content to.

  • Not targeting a topic with enough search traffic potential

Many a time people complain that they have followed the SEO procedure ditto and yet they are not getting any organic traffic. Many pages have plenty of backlinks from reputed pages and yet they are unable to get the traffic they are targeting. If this is what is happening with you, maybe you need to go back to the roots and look for mistakes there.

To put it in simple terms, if you’ve done everything right and still are not getting the traffic you are targeting, the reason could very well be your content. If you are targeting a topic that does not have enough search potential, it would mean that there isn’t much traffic for that topic, to begin with, so you wouldn’t get much traffic for that either.

A simple solution to this could be to update your content on a regular basis to keep it relevant. It seems like a pretty trivial solution but it works. Google keeps filtering out the content that keeps getting obsolete to make sure readers get the latest, most fresh content. So if you are just uploading new content every day without updating the one you uploaded before, you’d end up losing your traffic.

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If you absolutely have to put the content that does not have much search potential, you could try linking that to the existing pages on which you are getting steady traffic. This internal linking might act as saving grace and might end up getting some traffic for that webpage.

Make sure to keep in mind these mistakes & SEO tips before you set out on the quest for traffic for your webpages and you’ll see the results.

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