8 Things we all have Googled!

auncle google

“If Google didn’t exist, we would be screwed”

Our all time savior and a friend always indeed Google is the best thing that ever happened to us. Without any further word I would like to take you back to the memory lane- 8 things we all have googled atleast once in our lives. Let’s find out.

1. Your own Name


It’s like the most common thing we always Google Agreed? I don’t know what does it really makes us feel- may be privileged But it’s kind of good when we see a picture of ours popping on Google while we search for our name- well! Guys that’s just your public account showing some public shareable pictures so chill.

2. How to be a good kisser?

good kisser

Well! I am sure you aren’t googling this now (because probably you have already aced the art of kissing) but I am sure few years back, especially before your date you must have jumped to Google for a solution and Hola! Google Baba has all the answers… so enjoy!

3. What is an STD?

Ehm ehm… It usually happened just after your first se#$% or may be if you are planning to. (Because let me tell you a secret, I Googled it too).

4. How to hack facebook password!


I don’t know what answers Google is giving you but I am sure about the fact- that you can’t! Until n unless you are a freaking tech savvy.

5. How to know if he/she is interested in me?


Only his gesture can tell you and not your data plan– I would suggest you to go get a life. Just saying!

6. Does Ghost exist?

Does Ghost exist

The man behind you has better answers for the same. Holy shit! There is nobody behind you actually!

7. Best Sex stories!

To all the first benchers, this point isn’t relevant in your case. And for others, you can comment for the best site suggestion. LOL

8. What to do when bored (Kya Kru)?

The search #result is very interesting. What did Google suggest you? For you I have the best escape- read the blogs on Hub4Trendies. It is fun, knowledge gaining as well as the ultimate alternative of your boring day!

How many of these turned out to be true in your case?


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