7 Types of Hackers you will be Shocked to Know!!

Different type of Hackers

Black screen, green numbers, some dope shit numerical, scary music in the background and a serious-looking guy looking at the screen at full intensity. Trust me, Types of Hackers are overrated (Please don’t mind me saying this and please don’t hack my server too).

Ever thought about this interesting thing? Do hackers have types too? How do they look like? Are they friendly enough? Well! I do know about the types of hackers, keep reading to find out.

Script kiddies- the innocent hacker

These hackers don’t really care about hacking. All they care for is- getting to know the most used software in a jiffy.  They usually copy the code and use it for viruses or deploy the software and YouTube it upon its use. Isn’t that interesting? The most common attack expected from them is Dosing or DOsing in which they bombard the IP with numerous information that eventually results in Collapsing. Hey, they don’t harm anyone’s reputation though!

White Hat- The ethical hacker

Yes! Hacking has got ethics too! The white hat hackers are the ethical personalities or the good guys of the hacking world. If you may ask, what do they do for you? Well! They remove a virus or pentest a company. In fact, these hackers hold a college degree in Computer science or IT field- yes, they are certified, hackers. Want to know the certification? It’s CEH (Certified Ethical Hacker)

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Black hat- The famous guys!

Here comes the most popular category hackers- the black hat hackers! The men and women you hear about in the news these days- one that loots the bank due to low security or the one that hacked into the security system to loot the area- that what these guys do. The surprising element about their hacking is, their methodologies are very common and are often used but their practice and the choice of the platform make them successful in their endeavor- well, refrain child refrain!

Gray hat- The unusual guys

There is a white and there is black- combining too becomes grey. Exact is the case in terms of hacking. These gray hat hackers are quite unusual, they neither steal money nor information yet they love being into media’s attention. Well! If you happen to meet one of them, they will neither be good to you nor bad- strange, isn’t it?

Green Hat – The newbies

Here come the newbies! But hey, they are really interested in knowing about hacking (You could be one of them too, just saying). They may have characteristics similar to that of script kiddies but their interest in hacking makes them different.

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Red Hat – the vigilantes!

Boss in their own style, they are the white hackers of the black world. Yes, they keep a vigilance upon anything going against the norm of the hacking world. The scariest part is, they don’t just report the malicious hackers, instead, they directly switch them down by uploading a virus, DoSing to access his/her computer and destroy it completely. Well, their methods are really aggressive- watch out hackers.

Blue Hat

If a Script Kiddie took revenge, he/she might become a Blue Hat. Blue Hat hackers will seek vengeance on those who’ve them angry. Most Blue Hats are n00bz, but like the Script Kiddies, they have no desire to learn.

Not much importance is given to these hackers as they are no more than Newbies. It is like kiddie taking revenge and turning into a blue hat hacker- yeah I know that’s funny! Well, these hackers have no desire to learn, they are just enjoying the tag of a hacker- grow up kids!

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