7 Things Still Considered A Taboo In India! Tattoos, Periods, etc

indian taboos

“Please don’t sit with your legs open”, “you aren’t allowed to hug a girl”, “Oh you have a boyfriend?” and society will never stop judging you for the things considered taboo in India.

Bringing you the top cliché taboo that still exists in our society- it’s time to break the barriers:

1. Tattoos


It’s just a tattoo. The world would have been so easy if those little inks on your body described who you are as a person. Isn’t?

2. Periods! (Indian’s Taboo)


Or let e better rephrase it, periods blood! Because after the promotions of Padman, we can finally speak about pads and periods openly. But I bet you to go out with your stained pants and look out for eyes rolling on you! Can you? And there you have the answer.

3. Homosexuality

“Admi hu admi se pyar karta hu”- we have made a joke out of this song for all the homosexuals that exist. Society needs to take a chill pill because it’s all normal. It’s not something unusual or magic, nature wasn’t the same for all and homosexuality is the result- let’s accept it.

4. Sex before marriage is taboo in India


you were born out of it! Why do we forget to understand the fact that it’s just an urge, the desire, which is inside everybody? Sex isn’t labeled to males and females and we should stop distinguishing it on any tom dick and harry basis.

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5. Inter-Religion Marriage

inter religion marriage

we live in a society where marital rape is fine, dominance is fine, violence is fine. But when it comes to intermarriage religion (no matter how much do they love each other), society stands completely against it. Do we really live in the 21 st century?

6. Being Bold

Most of you won’t really agree with my point here. So let me give you a situation here, don’t you judge the girl with some shiny dress and bold red lipstick? Oh, I think she belongs to an escort service. And it’s not just boys who do that, right ladies?

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7. Divorce

When you don’t like a person, we simply don’t him/her. The society didn’t really spend hours crying in the corner of your room. It’s a free will, the free choice and not a restriction- we need to understand it!

“This is just a small drop out of a sea- because the list for things considered taboo in India goes unresolved, daunting and disturbed.”


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