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Here’s a list of 21 such crazy and Weird Jobs across the globe that you will not believe exist:

1. Professional Pusher:


Japan is, in reality, a dedicated country. It ensures that every one of its kin achieves chip away at the time and that is the reason Japan has utilized individuals to push others onto prepares with the goal that no one’s late for work. I adore this nation!

2. Rental Boyfriend

In Tokyo, in the event that you have the cash, finding a sweetheart is more or less simple. I don’t generally comprehend what all the sweetheart will do, yet it beyond any doubt sounds fun. I’ll be moving to Tokyo the day the Japanese concoct the idea of ‘Rental Girlfriends’.

3. Professional Stand-In-Liner

in liner

For whatever length of time that there are lines on the planet, Narabiyas (Japanese for remain in-liners) will never be out of the design. These consultants will joyfully sit tight in long lines for you as long as you pay them some cash.

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4. Professional Sleeper


My first response when I ran over this activity was… Goodness! You really get paid to Rest! Proficient Sleepers nap off while researchers direct research on rest issues. This must be without a doubt the most agreeable activity on the planet.

5. Wedding Guest


This is low maintenance work in Japan where individuals bend over as wedding visitors. Try not to trust me? Here’s a promotion. Request that a Japanese companion interprets and you’ll know. Aside from the cash, they likewise get free sustenance.

6. Vomit Cleaner

Some thrill rides plunge, rise and turn at such insane points that your breakfast will undoubtedly turn out the wrong way. Event congregation proprietors knew this reality and along these lines, this activity appeared.

7. Deodorant Tester

You have a propensity for jabbing your nose into other individuals’ business. All things considered, these individuals jab their noses into other individuals’ armpits to test the smell of battling forces of antiperspirants. Now that is the thing that you call a stinking activity.

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8. Water Slide Tester


All play and no work makes Jack a dull kid. Not for this situation, since Jack’s work includes a great deal of playing in the water. Water Slide Testers need to check all parts of security and ensure these rides are completely protected. There’s constantly medicinal protection for the individuals who break a bone or two.

9. Electric Shock Giver

Toques, as they are brought to Mexico, are fellows who convey a little wooden box that dispenses electric stuns. While sloshed bar-goers experience this torment to calm down, others trust it gives them another high. Angering!

10. Paper Towel Sniffer


Paper towel makers investigate every possibility (approximately meant leave no roll unsniffed) in guaranteeing that their rolls don’t notice foul previously, amid and after utilize. How would they check for any undesirable scent after utilize? Net!

11. Chicken Sexer


Without a doubt, there are chics included, yet at the same time, there’s nothing hot about this activity. A chicken sexer’s activity is to recognize the sexual orientation of a child chicken. That is about it.

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If you like these types of jobs – Comment below your dream “JOBS”  or any other weird jobs you know about and also comment on your precious suggestions.


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