21 Weird and Crazy Jobs that are Unbelievable but Actually Exist

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In our previous Part, we have provided the top 11 weird and crazy jobs that actually exist. Now Here’s a list of some new crazy and weird jobs across the globe that you will not believe exist:

12. Professional Cuddler

On the off chance that you happen to be in Japan and are feeling the loss of your better half, simply spend some money and you get the chance to nestle and rest by a Japanese lady. Simply nestle, as you may have guessed.

13. Car Plate Blocker

In an offer to diminish clog on the streets, Iran has utilized a peculiar strategy where autos with number plates finishing off with odd and even numbers are permitted on streets on exchange days as it were. Iranians procure men to stroll behind their autos with the goal that the cameras don’t catch their number plates.

14. Pet Food Taster


Whoever thought of this activity must be a good ‘old fashioned creature darling or somebody who likes to bite abnormal tasting sustenance. Do creatures and people have comparable taste buds?

15. Professional Mourner

You’ll require these grievers if no one cared at all about you when you were alive. It’s miserable that you won’t have the capacity to see them grieve for you since you’d be in the casket.


16. Ostrich Babysitter


This current occupation’s less demanding than a human sitter’s activity. Why? Since you should simply watch out for the child ostriches with the goal that they don’t peck the crap out of each other.

17. Cuida carros

You’ll meet a Cuida carros when you stop your auto in Costa Rica. His activity isn’t as convoluted as it sounds. Each of theCuida carros does is watch your auto when you are gone with the goal that no one takes it (except if he himself has taken favor to it).

18. Gross Stunt Tester


For each person who eats down a grasshopper on a reality appear there are numerous more who’ve done likewise, all things considered. These insane folks are called Gross Stunt Testers and their activity incorporates doing (testing) everything that is gross. Take a gander at this lady here. *Feels liquids ascending the esophagus*

19. Furniture Tester


For whatever length of time that the furniture’s not made of desert flora, this present employment’s truly cool. You need to sit, wriggle and mull over the furniture to asses its solace. This activity is cool to the point that it’s odd.

20. Wrinkle Chaser

The name says everything. Wrinkle chasers ensure there are no wrinkles on shoes when they are sped out of the industrial facility. No doubt, I said that right – shoes. By what other means do you think those high-heels look so tasteful?

21. Bicycle Fishers


Amsterdam is the most bike well-disposed capital city of the world. It’s nothing unexpected then that a ton of these bikes winds up in one of the trenches, in this manner offers to ascend to another call – the bike fisher. Every year Amsterdam angles out around 14,000 damaged bicycles from its channels.

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