10 World’s Most Famous Hackers, What they did? What Happened to Them?

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Their are three sort of Hackers: Not all programmers are terrible.

The great ones are called “white-cap programmers” and utilize hacking to enhance PC security.

The ones who are simply having a great time are called “dim cap programmers”.

Be that as it may, the malevolent kind you’re considering? They’re called “dark cap programmers”.

“dark cap programmers” can cause a considerable measure of damage. Here are the absolute most notorious and odious “dark cap programmers,” what they did to procure their notorieties, and where they are today is given beneath:-

1. Kevin Mitnick

The U.S. Division of Justice called him the “most needed PC criminal in U.S. history” — that is the way famous he was. Kevin Mitnick’s story is wild to the point that it was even the reason for a highlighted film: Track Down.

What did he do?

In the wake of serving a year in jail for hacking into the Digital Equipment Corporation’s system, he was let out for a long time of managed discharge. However, close to the finish of that period, he fled and went on a 2.5-year hacking binge that included breaking the national guard cautioning framework and taking corporate insider facts.

Where is he now?

Mitnick was inevitably gotten and indicted with a five-year jail sentence. After completely serving those years, he turned into a specialist and open speaker for PC security. He now runs Mitnick Security Consulting, LLC.

2. Jonathan James

The account of Jonathan James, known as “c0mrade,” is a disastrous one. He started hacking at a youthful age, figuring out how to hack into a few business and government arranges and being sent to jail for it — all while he was as yet a minor.

What did he do?

James in the end hacked into NASA’s system and downloaded enough source code — resources breaking even with $1.7 million — to figure out how the International Space Station functioned. NASA needed to close down its system for three whole weeks while they examined the rupture, costing an extra $41,000.

Where is he now?

In 2007, a few prominent organizations succumbed to various noxious system assaults. Despite the fact that James denied any association, he was suspected and researched. In 2008, James perpetrated suicide, trusting he would be indicted wrongdoings he didn’t confer.

3. Albert Gonzalez

Gonzalez began off as the pioneer of a programmer aggregate called ShadowCrew. Notwithstanding taking and offering Mastercard numbers, ShadowCrew additionally created fake travel papers, medical coverage cards, and birth declarations for data fraud violations.

What did he do?

Albert Gonzalez cleared his approach to web distinction when he gathered more than 170 million charge card and ATM card numbers over a time of two years. He at that point hacked into the databases of TJX Companies and Heartland Payment Systems to take the greater part of their put away charge card numbers also.

Where is he now?

Gonzalez was condemned to jail for a long time (two sentences of 20 years to be served at the same time) and is booked for discharge in 2025.

4. Kevin Poulsen

Kevin Poulsen, otherwise called “Dull Dante,” earned his 15 minutes of popularity by using his complicated information of phone frameworks. At a certain point, he hacked a radio station’s telephone lines and settled himself as the triumphant guest, gaining him a fresh out of the plastic new Porsche. As per media, he was the “Hannibal Lecter of PC wrongdoing.”

What did he do?

Poulsen got himself onto the FBI’s needed rundown when he hacked into government frameworks and stole wiretap data. He was later caught in a grocery store (out of every other place on earth) and condemned to 51 months in jail and a bill for $56,000 in compensation.

Where is he now?

Poulsen changed his courses subsequent to being discharged from jail in 1995. He started filling in as a writer and is currently a senior proofreader for Wired. In 2006, he even assisted law requirement with identifying 744 sex guilty parties on MySpace.

5. Gary McKinnon

Gary McKinnon, known as “Solo” on the web, supposedly organized what might turn into the biggest military PC hack ever.

What did he do?

Over a 13-month time frame from February 2001 to March 2002, McKinnon wrongfully got to 97 PCs having a place with the U.S. Military and NASA. He asserted he was scanning for data on free vitality concealment and UFO smoke screens, yet as per U.S. specialists he erased various basic documents and rendered more than 300 PCs inoperable, bringing about finished $700,000 in harms.

Where is he now?

Being of Scottish drop and working out of the United Kingdom, McKinnon could evade the American government until 2005, when he confronted removal. After a progression of advances, Theresa May obstructed his removal in light of the fact that he was “truly sick” and that removal would be “inconsistent with [his] human rights.”

6. Robert Tappan Morris

Robert Tappan Morris got his insight into PCs from his dad Robert Morris, who was a PC researcher at Bell Labs and later the NSA. Morris is credited as the maker of the world’s initially known PC worm.

What did he do?

In 1988, he made the Morris Worm while an understudy at Cornell University. The program was expected to measure the extent of the web, yet it had a blemish: PCs could be tainted various circumstances, and every disease made the PC back off much more. It rendered more than 6,000 PCs unusable.

Where is he now?

In 1989, Robert Tappan Morris was found to have damaged the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. He was condemned to three years of probation, 400 hours of group benefit, and a $10,050 fine. He in the end established Y Combinator and is presently a tenured teacher at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

7. Loyd Blankenship

Loyd Blankenship, known as “The Mentor” in hacking circles, has been a dynamic programmer since the 1970s. He was an individual from a few hacking bunches before, most strikingly Legion of Doom (LOD).

What did he do?

Blankenship created an article called Mentor’s Last Words (likewise called Conscience of a Hacker and Hacker Manifesto), which he composed in the wake of being captured in 1986. The paper has come to be viewed as a sort of foundation for hacking society.

Where is he now?

Blankenship was employed by Steve Jackson Games in 1989 to take a shot at GURPS Cyberpunk. The U.S. Mystery Service assaulted his home in 1990 and reallocated the diversion’s rulebook, calling it a “handbook for PC wrongdoing.” He has since abandoned hacking, now living as an artist and independent amusement designer.

8. Julian Assange

Julian Assange started hacking at 16 years old under the name “Mendax.” Over four years, he hacked into different government, corporate, and instructive systems — including the Pentagon, NASA, Lockheed Martin, Citibank, and Stanford University.

What did he do?

Assange went ahead to make WikiLeaks in 2006 as a stage for distributing news holes and arranged records from unknown sources. The United States propelled an examination against Assange in 2010 to charge him under the Espionage Act of 1917.

Where is he now?

Assange is presently stayed in the Ecuadorian government office in London, dreading removal to the United States.

9. Guccifer 2.0

Who is Guccifer 2.0? No one knows without a doubt — it could be a man or a gathering taking on the appearance of a man. The name pays respect to a Romanian programmer (known as “Guccifer”) who regularly focused on U.S. government authorities and others of political unmistakable quality.

What did he do?

Amid the 2016 U.S. Presidential Election, the Democratic National Convention’s system was hacked. A huge number of records were spilled on WikiLeaks and somewhere else. Numerous trust that Guccifer 2.0 is a cover for Russian insight, however in a meeting with Vice, Guccifer 2.0 cases he is Romanian and not Russian.

Where is he now?

Guccifer 2.0 vanished just before the U.S. Presidential Election, at that point returned once in January 2017 to attest that he had no connections to Russian knowledge.

10. Anonymous

Anonymous might be the most surely understood “programmer” ever, yet additionally the most undefined. Unknown isn’t a solitary individual yet rather a decentralized gathering of programmers with no evident enrollment or chain of importance. Anyone can act for the sake of Anonymous.

What did he do?

Since its presentation in 2003, Anonymous has been credited for assaulting a few remarkable targets, including Amazon, PayPal, Sony, the Westboro Baptist Church, the Church of Scientology, parts of the dim web, and the legislatures of Australia, India, Syria, the United States, among many others.

Where is he now?

Anonymous proceeds with its hacktivism right up ’til the present time. Since 2011, two related hacking bunches have generated from Anonymous: LulzSec and AntiSec.

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